7 Best Video Tools for Novice Users (2023)

From business pitches to personal memories, create videos effortlessly.

A picture may speak louder than words, but what speaks even louder is a compelling video. Whether you need to create animated videos to pitch your business or want to compile a video montage for your friend’s wedding, there’s no need to hire a professional – as long as you have the right video creation tools at your disposal.

There are tools available that can transform your photos and movie clips into engaging videos. In this post, I’ve selected the best video creation tools that are feature-rich and user-friendly. Let’s take a look.



Prezi is more than just a presentation software; it’s also a versatile tool for making videos. Using a third-party screen recorder, you can easily turn your Prezi presentations into engaging videos.

With Prezi, you can place your ideas on a zoomable canvas, making your presentations interactive and fun. Customization is easy; you can change font sizes, add audio clips, and even tweak the angles. The software comes with a variety of ready-to-use templates, allowing you to make awesome videos in no time. Plus, you can import your existing PowerPoint slides and transform them into videos.

Pricing Plans

Standard Plan: $5/month

  • Who It’s For: Perfect for personal use.
  • Features: This plan allows you to create and share videos, presentations, and infographics. You also get advanced privacy settings and can work on an unlimited number of projects.

Plus Plan: $12/month

  • Who It’s For: Ideal for those who are experts in visual communication.
  • Features: The Plus Plan includes everything in the Standard plan, plus additional features like PowerPoint import, access to premium images, PDF export options, and video downloads. You even get a desktop app and can use Prezi offline.

Premium Plan: $16/month

  • Who It’s For: Tailored for business professionals.
  • Features: The Premium Plan offers all the benefits of the Plus Plan, along with powerful analytics and advanced online training courses.

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Formerly known as Slidely Show, Promo is a user-friendly tool for creating slideshow videos from your photos, short clips, and other media. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Promo makes video creation simple and quick.

Promo allows you to combine photos, short videos, and even snapshots into slideshow videos with ease. You can organize your media items in a sequence, add real-time effects, background music, and text messages to create a captivating video within minutes. The platform offers features for customizing colors and fonts, and even allows you to replace or edit footage. With the live-preview option, you can see your edits and changes in real-time before saving. Plus, you have the freedom to make and save as many drafts as you like.

Pricing Plans

Annual Basic Plan: $29/$59 per month

  • Key Feature: Comes with 36 premium clips per year.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for individuals or small businesses that need a few premium clips for their projects.

Annual Standard Plan: $59/$119 per month

  • Key Feature: Offers unlimited premium clips.
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for frequent video creators in need of limitless premium content.

Annual Pro Plan: $199/$399 per month

  • Key Feature: Provides reseller rights and the ability to manage multiple brands.
  • Who It’s For: Designed for agencies and large businesses looking to manage multiple branding efforts.

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Vimeo Video Editor

Vimeo Video Editor

Looking for a video tool that simplifies the creation process? Vimeo Video Editor has got you covered. With this tool, you can shoot video clips, add photos, include audio or voice recordings, and even mix in additional videos to create a compelling movie effortlessly.

Vimeo Video Editor’s built-in functionalities take away the hassle of manual editing. The editor automatically selects the best clips, adds transitions, and enhances your footage. You can choose a style or theme for your video, and the editor will add effects, pan-and-zoom options, and much more, all automatically. You can also add a soundtrack from Vimeo’s own library or upload one from your personal playlist. Plus, tweak color and style settings to make sure your video aligns with your brand identity.

Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: $20/month per seat or $12/month per seat (Annual Billing)

  • Features: This plan allows you to share and collaborate on up to 60 videos. It includes features like screen recording, video sharing & embedding, password protection, as well as review and collaboration tools.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for individuals or small teams looking for basic video editing and sharing features.

Standard Plan: $33/month per seat or $20/month per seat (Annual Billing)

  • Features: The Standard plan includes everything in the Starter plan, plus additional features like 120 videos, brand kits, custom fonts, an AI script generator, a teleprompter, text-based video editing, and basic marketing integrations.
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for medium-sized businesses or professionals who need advanced editing and branding options.

Advanced Plan: $108/month per seat or $65/month per seat (Annual Billing)

  • Features: In addition to everything in the Standard plan, this offers features like 500 videos, virtual events & webinars, simulcasting, live Q&A, attendee registration, and more.
  • Who It’s For: Designed for large enterprises that require extensive video creation and interactive features.

Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

  • Features: The Enterprise plan includes everything in the Advanced plan plus options for more team members, custom permissions, advanced marketing integrations, live Q&A moderation, backup streams, and dedicated support.
  • Who It’s For: Tailored for very large enterprises with specific, complex needs.

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If you’re in the market for a slideshow video maker, Animoto is worth considering. Similar to Vimeo, Animoto allows you to combine pictures and video clips into captivating slideshow videos. Although you can’t capture photos or videos directly through the app, Animoto compensates with an impressive media library, featuring over 2,000 commercially licensed audio tracks and more than 100 styling options.

Animoto offers pre-built storyboards to kickstart your video creation process. You can add short voice-overs, customize text, and adjust the layout to meet your specific needs. The best part? You can create high-definition videos and download them in MP4 format if you’re using one of their premium plans.

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Pricing Plans

Free Plan

  • Features: Create unlimited videos, but with Animoto branding.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for those who want to try out the platform before committing to a paid plan.

Basic Plan: $8/month

  • Features: You get unbranded videos in HD 1080p quality and unlimited downloads.
  • Who It’s For: Suitable for individuals who need basic, high-quality video creation features without any branding.

Professional Plan: $15/month

  • Features: The Professional plan includes everything in the Basic plan, plus you get a custom logo, access to 3,000 music tracks, and over 1 million Getty Images.
  • Who It’s For: Designed for professionals who require advanced customization and branding options.

Teams Plan: $39/month

  • Features: The Teams plan encompasses all Professional features and adds up to 3 users, access to 100 million+ Premium Getty Images, the ability to manage 10 brands, and additional team tools.
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for small teams who need collaborative features and advanced media options.

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If you love photo blogging or creating GIFs, Kizoa could be the perfect video creation tool for you. This user-friendly platform allows you to combine photos – including GIFs, audio clips, and a variety of transitions and visual effects – to craft your own videos. You can also choose from pre-designed templates to make the process even easier.

Kizoa gives you the freedom to either use its array of tools to build your video from scratch or to take advantage of pre-designed templates. Features include cutting long videos into short clips, adding transitions and special effects, and incorporating music, audio clips, and text to your projects.

Pricing Plans

Basic: Free

  • Features: Create 1-minute videos in Full HD 1080p quality with a Kizoa logo. You get 1 GB of storage and access to 3 million+ free photos and 1 million+ free videos.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for beginners who want to explore the platform’s basic features without any cost.

Starter: €29.9 (One-Time Payment)

  • Features: Create up to 10-minute videos, Full HD 1080p, no Kizoa logo, 10 GB storage, and priority customer support. You also get access to 3 million+ free photos and 1 million+ free videos.
  • Who It’s For: Suitable for individuals who want more features and no branding on their videos.

Creator: €49.9 (One-Time Payment)

  • Features: Create up to 20-minute videos, Full HD 1080p, 100 GB storage, and the ability to burn your projects to DVD. Priority customer support and no Kizoa logo.
  • Who It’s For: Designed for content creators who require extended video duration and storage space.

Professional: €99.9 (One-Time Payment)

  • Features: Create videos with no time limit, Full HD 1080p, unlimited storage, and add your own logo. You also get the option to burn to DVD and priority customer support.
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for professionals who need unlimited storage and customization options.

Business: €299.9 (One-Time Payment)

  • Features: Create unlimited videos in 4K 2160p quality. Includes commercial use license, unlimited storage, and the ability to burn to DVD and add your own logo.
  • Who It’s For: Tailored for businesses that require high-quality videos for commercial use.

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Flixpress offers a high-quality video creation experience without breaking the bank – starting at less than $1 per month. Designed to cater to both professional and personal needs, this tool enables easy sharing of videos on social media. It features an array of pre-built templates, some of which are free while others come with the paid plans.

Flixpress stands toe-to-toe with other video tools, offering various objects, photos, and audio libraries to unleash your creativity. You’re not restricted to using built-in media; you can also upload and integrate your own photos, videos, and audio clips. The videos you create can be saved in popular formats like MP4, MOV, or WMV.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan: $0

  • Features: 1-day storage, 2-minute monthly video allowance, 360p resolution, access to 15 templates, Flixpress branding, and no commercial rights.
  • Who It’s For: Ideal for those who want to try out the service before investing in it.

Personal Plan: $0.83/month (annually) or $3.49/month (monthly)

  • Features: 30-day storage, 10-minute monthly video allowance, 1080p resolution, 54 templates, no branding, but no commercial rights either.
  • Who It’s For: Great for personal use or small projects that don’t require commercial rights.

Expert Plan: $9.99/month (quarterly) or $19.99/month (monthly)

  • Features: 60-day storage, 30-minute monthly video allowance, 1080p resolution, 103 templates, no branding, and YouTube monetization rights.
  • Who It’s For: Suitable for YouTubers or video creators who need more minutes and want to monetize their content.

Professional Plan: $49.99/month (quarterly) or $69.99/month (monthly)

  • Features: 90-day storage, 60-minute monthly video allowance, 1080p resolution, full access to the template library, custom branding, and resale rights.
  • Who It’s For: Perfect for professionals or businesses looking for the complete package, including custom branding and resale rights.

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Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is an all-in-one video creation software packed with a plethora of powerful features. If you’re looking to create professional-grade movies, slideshows, or even record videos using a webcam or screen capture, Movavi offers an extensive, yet user-friendly, solution.

Despite its extensive functionality, Movavi is designed for ease of use. You can cut and join video clips while preserving their quality, add various video effects, filters, music, and titles to make your project stand out. Importantly, Movavi supports over 180 media formats, and even allows you to burn your creations directly onto DVDs.

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Pricing Plan

1-Year Subscription: $94.95

Included Apps:

  • Video Editor: Craft your videos with a variety of editing tools.
  • Video Converter: Easily convert videos into different formats.
  • Screen Recorder: Capture your screen for tutorials, demos, or other content.

Who It’s For: Ideal for both beginners and professionals looking for a comprehensive video creation solution.

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