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Your wedding is one of the biggest events of your life, and you’ll want to keep its memories with you forever. To tell the story of your love, a professional wedding photographer can easily create a beautiful wedding photo slideshow for you. But, why depend on an expensive wedding slideshow service when you can do it yourself as well?

There are many slideshow tools available online that will let you create a beautiful slideshow of your big event and customize it to your liking. If you are ready to take matters into your hands, check out the below mentioned wedding photo slideshow creator tools.

Bolide Slideshow Creator

If you are looking for a free slideshow maker tool, then Bolide Slideshow Creator is a good option. It doesn’t have too advanced features, but I am sure you’ll like its simple interface. You can create slideshows without any limitations and add transitions, effects, subtitles, change zoom behavior and manage the rotation.

Price: Free.

Platform(s): Windows.

bolide slideshow creator

PhotoStage by NCH Software

A powerful slideshow maker tool that is free to use for personal use. It’s perfect for creating a slideshow of your own wedding photos for free. Interestingly, it lets you add video clips in the slideshow as well to create both photo and video slideshow. Furthermore, its range of effects, animations, transitions and text animations are quite reliable as well.

Although I will recommend you to drag and drop all the photos in the timeline below before you start editing, this will make things very easy.

Price: Free for personal use, $49.99 for commercial license.

Platform(s): Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

photoshare by nch software

Smartshow 3D

I must say Smartshow 3D has one of the most beautiful animations and effects that will surely leave you mesmerized. On top of that, it also has one of the biggest collections of animations and transitions that are neatly organized by categories.

You can use 3D effects, motions, nature effects, and a plethora of unique transitions that you may have never seen before. Similar to PhotoStage by NCH Software, you can also add video clips to make the slideshow completely out of this world.

Price: $59.50

Platform(s): Windows.



At first, I had a bit of trouble creating slideshows with PicturesToExe, but things got smoother with a few minutes well spent. PictureToExe has its editing options available in separate windows, so you may have some trouble getting used to it. However, this is also its main strength as you get complete control over how you want effects and transitions to work.

Unlike others in this list, PicturesToExe let you customize durations, speed, style and other aspects of transitions and effects. Additionally, there is no shortage of amazing effects, motions, texts and transitions to create the perfect wedding photo slideshow.

Price: $139

Platform(s): Windows, MacOS.

pictures to exe


Note: Picovico is no longer available.

Picovico is an online slideshow maker that offers very easy-to-use styles to quickly create slideshows of your liking. One thing I really liked about Picovico is that it has a separate section for creating wedding slideshows. Here you’ll get everything you’ll need to create a wedding photo slideshow. You can start with beautiful wedding slideshow templates and then customize them to your liking.

Its free version is rather limited and only allows you to create slideshows with 25 pictures. On the other hand, its paid version lets you create slideshows of up to 100 photos.

Price: Free limited version, $16.67/month for pro version.

Platform(s): Web, Android.


4K Slideshow Maker

It used to be my go-to tool for creating slideshows, but I had to move on due to its limited customization options. However, it is an amazingly simple tool to create 4K quality slideshow videos without any effort.

There are literally no customization options, you simply upload photos and click on the "Make Slideshow" button above to create a slide show. There are no special animations or effects options. It simply applies Kens burns effect to transitions and automatically manages durations and timing according to the audio file uploaded with it.

If you just need a quick high-quality slideshow to show to your peeps, then give 4K Slideshow Maker a try.

Price: Free.

Platform(s): Windows, macOS, Linux.

4k slideshow maker

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe

This is more of a commercial use slideshow maker, but it may be worth a buy if you want to go crazy with slideshow making. It has the most comprehensive set of slideshow-making tools I’ve ever seen, and it’s a GB size setup file that vouches for that.

Some of its most interesting features include; faster speed with 64-bit turbo, support for 360° photos, supports many formats, automatic photo organization based on color and objects, P-I-P effect, and customizable panning features etc.

Apart from amazing features, it has hundreds of templates, effects, animations, transitions and 3D building capabilities to create amazing slideshows. For a price of $69.99, I must say it’s very cheap for what it offers.

Price: $69.99/ Lifetime License.

Platform(s): Windows.

magix photostory deluxe

ProShow Gold

ProShow Gold can be a little overwhelming when you first use it, but it has one of the best transitions and effects that are definitely worth a look. Apart from that, it has an amazing built-in wizard. that will create slideshows for you according to your need.

You just need to provide the required media files and then choose a theme, and ProShow Gold will automatically create a slideshow according to it (wedding theme is available). I also really liked its ability to download effects online to expand the catalog.

Price: $69.95

Platform(s): Windows, MacOS.

proshow gold


AmoLink is also an online slideshow maker like Picovico that I have mentioned above. However, unlike Picovico it has a very simple work process and can be easily used for free. With the free version, it lets you upload your photos and select a theme, music, and text to automatically create the slideshow. Although it has themes and music for many events, but there is a separate section available for wedding slideshow as well.

With the paid version, you will get the ability to customize transitions and effects as you like. However, I will advise you to check the automatic free slideshow creator first. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the slideshow.

Price: Free version, Paid subscription starting from $6.99/month.

Platform(s): Web.


Bonus: Google Photos Movie Maker

If you have your wedding photos saved in Google Photos then you can also use Google Photos Movie Maker feature to create stunning slideshows for free. It is only available on the Android and iOS apps of Google Photos, but it is definitely worth checking. You will find many cool themes and music to create the slideshow.

google photo app

Google Photos will automatically apply the needed filters to make the perfect slideshow. I personally use it on many occasions and the results are always pleasing. You can check out the memories theme that may work well for a wedding slideshow.

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