Winxvideo AI: AI-powered Video Enhancer (Review)

We’ve explored tools designed to enhance old or low-resolution photos, many of which use AI. Today, we’re discussing an app that applies similar technology to videos.

Winxvideo AI is a desktop app that utilizes artificial intelligence to upscale low-resolution videos, stabilize shaky footage, and increase frame rates, among other video editing features.

Winxvideo AI
Winxvideo AI interface

If you have old videos or low-resolution clips sitting unused in your archives and you’re considering enhancing them to look as if they were shot with a high-end camera, Winxvideo AI might be worth considering.

Continue reading to see if this app suits your video enhancement needs.

Winxvideo AI’s Features:

Winxvideo AI is a desktop video editing app that goes beyond basic video editing. It offers a wide range of video editing options, including cutting, cropping, merging, and trimming videos.

It also supports compression of video files across various formats, catering to different devices, and even supports downloading online videos.

Winxvideo AI Features
Winxvideo AI’s features: Enhance images and videos, convert videos, download videos and screen recording.

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Let’s take a closer look at the features it offers.

Basic Editing Tools

Winxvideo AI comes equipped with the essential tools expected from a video editing software, such as cutting, cropping, and rotating videos.

Cut drop rotate video

It also allows users to add effects, insert watermarks, and include subtitles. The Toolbox tab unveils additional functionalities like denoise, merge, trim, split, as well as mirror and flip options, enriching the video editing experience.

Denoise merge trim video
Winxvideo AI’s Edit Video interface

Below is an screenshot showing the video trimming feature, where you can split videos into segments of specified seconds.

Trim and Split Video
Splitting video with Winxvideo AI
Video Compression

Winxvideo AI not only edits videos well but also makes them smaller in size. This means you don’t need other programs like Handbrake to do this. One can effortlessly drag videos into the app, choose the desired final format, and compress them accordingly.

Video Compression
Compress and changing video formats with Winxvideo AI

It supports compressing originally uploaded videos into multiple formats for device compatibility, featuring numerous preset profiles for easy compression without the need for manual setting adjustments.

Video Compression Profiles
Winxvideo AI’s preset profiles for video compression
Video Downloading

Additionally, Winxvideo AI can also be use to download internet videos. By entering the URL of the desired video, reviewing, and confirming the settings, you can then download videos with the click of a button.

Download Videos
Downloading online videos with Winxvideo AI
Stabilization & Frame Rate Boost

Winxvideo AI is equipped to tackle shaky videos or clips suffering from low frame rates. It offers stabilization and can enhance the frame rate up to 120/240/480 fps, ensuring smooth and high-quality playback.

Stabilization and Frame Rate Boost
Quality Enhancement

One of the main things Winxvideo does pretty well is make low-quality videos look better. It uses something called CineAI technology to do this. But don’t worry about the complex tech behind it. What matters is that you can easily upload a video to the app, and it will improve its quality for you.

We tested it by uploading a video that wasn’t very clear to begin with. First, we clicked on the Video AI icon, dragged the video into the app

Drag and Add Video for Upscaling

Then we chose the “Super Resolution” option, picked a 4x improvement under "Model Settings", and then hit the “Run” button to start the process.

Video Upscaling Process

Below, you can see pictures showing the video before and after we used the app. The improvement is quite significant.

If you’re curious to see how the video itself changed, here are the download links to tbe (before and after) videos.

[download button placeholder]

And here’s a complete list of Winxvideo AI’s features that we’ve come to know:

  • AI-powered video and image enhancement
  • Video/image upscaling
  • Video stabilization
  • Frame rate boosting
  • Video conversion and compression
  • Comprehensive video editing features like trimming, splitting, and removing distractions
  • Improvements in video quality by removing blur, noise, blockiness, and interlacing
  • Batch video processing
  • Video speed control from 0.1x to 16x
  • Video rotation and flipping
  • Fisheye lens distortion correction
  • Background noise reduction
  • GIF creation, snapshot taking, image extraction, and resizing
  • Audio enhancement through syncing, volume adjustment, and track enabling/disabling

This concludes the features of Winxvideo AI, and now, on to the pros and cons of the app.

  • Addresses broad video issues: noise, blur, more
  • Packed with features for stabilization, upscaling
  • Enables professional video enhancements
  • Speeds up editing, ensures wide compatibility
  • Boosts appeal across various content types
  • Can overwhelm newcomers with features
  • Demands modern, powerful computer setup
  • Potential for overuse, making videos look artificial

Hardware Requirements to Run the App

  • Minimum Requirements: For AI video enhancement, ensure your Windows-based system has Vulkan 1.2.x, OpenCL 1.0, 2GB RAM, and 1GB of disk space. This feature needs a high-end setup for best performance due to its intensive computational demands.
  • Operating System: The app is currently compatible with Windows only.
  • Enhancement Speed: On a high-spec PC (13th Gen Intel® Core i7-13700K, AMD Radeon RX7600), enhancing a frame from HD to 4K takes 2 seconds, and from SD to HD takes about 0.3 seconds, thanks to full GPU acceleration.

Is This App for You?

Winxvideo AI is suitable for a broad range of users, from professional videographers seeking to improve event recordings to content creators looking to enhance their digital presence.

It’s also a valuable asset for marketers in need of high-quality promotional materials, adventurers wanting to share their experiences in the best light, gamers aiming to present their gameplay more clearly, and educators enhancing instructional content.

The app addresses common video issues such as noise, blur, and camera shake, providing features like stabilization and upscaling. If you’re interested in elevating the quality of your videos for any purpose, Winxvideo AI might be worth exploring.

Pricing and Availability

Winxvideo AI can be downloaded for free, allowing you to test and explore its features. However, exporting your video requires purchasing one of its plans. Here are the costs associated with Winxvideo AI’s plans:

  • 1-Year Plan for 3 PCs at $25.95: Suitable for amateurs, providing 1-year access to all features, including AI video/image enhancement and free upgrades.
  • Lifetime Plan for 1 PC at $45.95: Designed for professionals, offering lifetime access to all features, continuous AI updates, and new capabilities.
  • Family Plan for 3-5 PCs at $57.95: Ideal for families or small groups, includes everything in the Lifetime plan with installation for up to 5 computers.

Learn more about Winxvideo AI’s pricing.


Winxvideo AI appears as a great tool for anyone looking to enhance their video quality. Its array of features, from basic editing to advanced AI-powered enhancements like upscaling and stabilization, cater to a wide audience.

Whether you’re a professional videographer, content creator, or just someone wanting to breathe new life into old footage, this app has something to offer. While it boasts impressive capabilities, it’s important to note that its extensive features may require a bit of a learning curve for newcomers.

Additionally, to unlock its full potential, a purchase is necessary after the initial free trial. Overall, if improving video quality for various purposes is your goal, Winxvideo AI could be a worthy investment, provided you have the hardware to support its demands.

Download Winxvideo AI for Windows