10 Mobile Apps to Use for Better Productivity

Working from home, we used to see smartphone as a distraction. However, mobile technology can be more of help these days. Because we are always on the go, taking the train, the bus, or any other form of public transport, having a mobile productivity app on us can help you make better use of our travel time. You can check through reminders, make new ones as you flip through your emails, and reschedule appointments, all by flicking, tapping, and swiping through your mobile.

Here I have collected 10 productivity apps you can get on your smartphone. The list contains smart to-do lists, calendar apps, management apps for better control of tasks, teams and even passwords, and a productivity timer.

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1. Syncplicity

Syncplicity is a file-sharing and management app that allows you to control your files from any device. It encourages you to easily send and share large documents, images, and other files with anyone on any device. This is the perfect choice for you when you work with a big team and need a huge number of files to be shared all the time. The personal edition is free for up to 10GB storage and it is available for iOS devices, Android devices, as a web app and for Windows 8.


2. Pomodoro Timer

I have already told you about Pomodoro technique in my previous post how to boost your productivity. This is a useful app that will help you to experiment with this timer technique on yourself. The Pomodoro principle is quite easy: set a timer (for 25 minutes by default) to get work done, take a 3-5 minute break every time the timer rings, and take longer breaks at every fourth timer ring. It is available for the iPhone and the iPad (iOS 7 and above) at $1.99 and for the Mac at $2.99.

Pomodoro Timer

3. Simplenote

Simplenote lives up to its name. With Simplenote, you can write down your thoughts, ideas, to-do, and grocery list — and all these stuff in just one app. It has native apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Kindle and a Web app version. Backups and syncing are on by default, and it even has version control so you don’t have to regret the changes you’ve made. The only drawback is that, so far, there is still no built-in encryption. It is a free app.


4. Timeful

If you are not an organized person, perhaps Timeful can be of some “intelligent assistance”. It is a scheduling app that helps you avoid procrastination by learning your habits and locking up appointment slots already taken up (so you don’t double book yourself). Learning your habits with time management can also suggest ways to be more on time. Timeful connects seamlessly to Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Exchange. It is a free iOS app (requires iOS 8).


5. Hours

Here is another time-tracking app for iOS (requires iOS 8) that allows you to see your daily schedule as a timeline. Each event has an individual timer that you can start and stop with a tap, and if you are someone who forgets to turn on the tracking, Hours will remind you with smart notifications. The app also tracks multiple projects and generates reports you can send out via email. The iOS app is available at $6.99, and there are plans for a Mac app and an “Hours for Teams” plan.


6. Complete

Sometimes, you need a little push from your friends and family. Complete is the first social to-do list app in the world. Announce to your peers that you are about to commit a task e.g., run 5 miles today or quit smoking and watch them cheer you on through the powers of social media. Positive advice and support from friends will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. The free app requires iOS 7 and above.


7. Checkmark 2

This is an awesome reminder app that can help you track everything you need to get done. You can make reminders based on location, set a timer for a reminder to go off when you are a location, and even make the location reminder date specific. Tasks can be sorted by distance, and recurring reminders can be created on a daily, weekly, monthly, or customized basis. Use various categories, such as Home, Shopping, and Groceries; work from the list to sort your reminders. The app is available on iOS (iOS 8) for $4.99.

Checkmark 2

8. Asana

With Asana, you can keep track of multiple projects by putting together your team’s project management and communication needs. Asana allows its users to create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, comment, share files and more. This way you can easily look up who is in charge of certain tasks, check what’s already done, share ideas and comments, and efficiently communicate with the entire team using your smartphone. It is available for free for iOS and Android.


9. LastPass

You never need to waste your time fiddling with your logins and passwords ever again with the LastPass app. The LastPass app is a strong password generator, password vault, and browser all rolled into a single smartphone app. Users can sync their password vaults and then have the LastPass browser automatically fill in forms and login details when browsing the web and accessing sites, either through the in-app browser, Safari or Chrome. Last Pass is free and works from iOS 5.1.1 and above.


10. Workflow

Workflow is IFTTT for iPhone users. Automate simple and complicated tasks from tweeting a song you are listening to and getting directions to your nearest coffee shop in just a single tap. Create shortcuts on your home screen to make that quick call or generate animated GIFs from the app. Workflow allows more than 200 actions that span calendars, reminders, maps, photos, social accounts, AirDrop, your contacts, and more. It is available for $4.99 and requires iOS 8.

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