10 Best Free Desktop Password Generators

Like managing passwords, generating strong password combinations isn’t a cool breeze either. Keeping your pet dog’s name or your date of birth as a password may be easy, but it puts your data in the potential threat of being stolen (as such a password won’t be very hard to guess).

And so arises the need for a password-generating tool. Take a look at the following list of password generators to know which one would suit you best.


An open-source password generator is definitely the most trustworthy option, and PWGen is one of the most comprehensive open-source password generator tools. It uses cryptography to generate strong and secure passwords on the client side. You can customize password strength, generate multiple passwords, generate pronounceable passwords, and much more.


IObit random password generator

An easy to use password generator by the popular PC software company IObit. Random Password Generator allows you to easily create up to 100 passwords with configurable settings. You can create strong passwords of up to 64 characters.


SecureSafe pro password generator

This offering by SecureSafe Pro is easy to use yet very functional. Apart from the usual customization options, it allows you to exclude dubious characters, add your own characters and create pronounceable passwords. There is also a built-in password strength checker to ensure your password is strong.

securesafe pro

Gaijin password generator

A highly customizable password generator, Gaijin Password Generator has two sections to create both simple and complex passwords. You can customize what characters should be added or omitted and create templates for different uses. You can also use the built-in password strength checker to check your password strength (a reliable one I must say).

gaijin password gen

Secure password generator

If you are looking for a simple password generator tool that just works, then this one is for you. Secure Password Generator lets you customize password content and password length and then creates a single password for you. The password is strong and can be relied upon.

secure password gen

Awesome password generator

Awesome Password Generator has multiple sections to fulfill your password generation needs. You can create passwords for WiFi, regular strong passwords, phrase-based passwords, strong letters-based passwords, and passwords in bulk.

awesome password gen

PowerCryptor password generator

PowerCryptor is a really fast password generator tool that is easy to use and offers all the required options. You can customize the content of the passwords and also specify which letters or characters should be part of the password. The tool is really fast at generating passwords, and I was able to generate over 10000 passwords with results shown in less than 1 second.

powercryptor password gen

WiFi password key generator

If you are looking to generate a strong password for your WiFi network, then this is the best tool. It gives you options to create ASCII and HEX keys for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 WiFi security methods. You can get up to 256-bit keys for WEP and 504 bit for WEP2 security.

wifi password keygen

Random password generator

This is actually a Windows gadget that works alongside other Windows gadgets to let you quickly generate passwords. In its tiny interface, it lets you configure password data and the exact length of the password. Definitely, a good solution if you need to generate passwords often.

random password gen

SoftFuse password generator

Similar to other tools in this list, SoftFuse Password Generator also offers the option to customize your password. However, it goes one step further by giving you the ability to add or omit characters according to your need. You can customize letters, case, numbers and characters.

softuse password gen

Bonus: Generate Password Without Tools

How to Generate Password in Linux

Most Linux distros have a built-in password generator to quickly generate random and strong passwords. Or you can quickly install a password generator app with a quick terminal command and start generating random passwords. Here is a good article on how to generate passwords on Linux.

How to Generate Password in Mac

macOS also comes with a built-in password assistant that can generate random passwords based on different factors. Check out this Apple support page to learn how to use the Password Assistant.