Generate Strong Passwords with 40+ Online Tools

A list of useful tools to generate random or pronounceable passwords to secure any online account.

If you’re not using a password manager to create strong, secure passwords, you should consider using an online password generator. Many websites you want to join now require complex passwords to help keep your account safe. This makes it less likely that someone will hack into your account.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to over 40 online tools that can quickly generate a strong password for you, especially if you’re not already using a password manager, or implemented passkey to your account.

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Understanding Pronounceable vs. Random Passwords

Before diving into the list of tools, it’s crucial to understand the difference between pronounceable and random passwords, and the level of security each type offers.

Pronounceable Passwords

Pronounceable passwords consist of random combinations of letters and numbers that might not make logical sense, but are designed to be easy to say and remember. These passwords may sometimes incorporate dictionary words but are generally less secure compared to entirely random combinations.

For example:


This password combines upper and lower case letters in a way that makes it easy to pronounce, even though it doesn’t form a coherent sentence or phrase.


This example uses two English words, “Victim” and “Fearful,” but integrates special characters and numbers, making it more secure while still being memorable.


This password consists of four unrelated English words, making it fairly strong yet easier to remember than a completely random string.

Random Passwords

Random passwords are made of a hodgepodge of characters, numbers, and special symbols, having no discernible pattern. They offer the highest level of security but are often difficult to remember.

For example:


As you can see, this password is highly secure due to its random nature, but it’s also hard to memorize. For this reason, random passwords are best suited for high-stakes accounts like financial or business accounts.

To sum it up, pronounceable passwords provide a good balance of security and memorability, ideal for less sensitive accounts like social media or gaming. On the other hand, random passwords offer the best security and are more suitable for accounts that store valuable information.

Tools to Generate Easy-to-remember Passwords

MSD Random Password Generator

MSD Random Password Generator offers a flexible way to create both pronounceable and random passwords. You can customize various options like letter casing, addition of symbols and numbers, password length, and the number of passwords you wish to generate.

The generated passwords are displayed in a list beneath the configuration options.

MSD Random Password Generator interface
Random Password Generator

This tool lets you create both random and pronounceable passwords. The pronounceable passwords are composed of two English words combined in a way that’s hard to guess. While these passwords are strong, they’re not as resilient as purely random combinations.

It also comes with a useful password strength checker.

Random Password Generator interface
xkcd Password Generator

The xkcd Password Generator creates passwords by stringing together four unrelated English words. These passwords are difficult to guess or brute-force, yet easy to remember.

However, note that they’re not as secure as some pronounceable passwords.

xkcd Password Generator interface
Safe Passwd

Safe Passwd is an excellent tool for generating strong and pronounceable passwords through a smart mix of characters and numbers. Although these passwords appear random, they follow a certain pattern.

A section below the password generator explains the pattern for easier memorization.

Safe Passwd interface
Phonetic Password Generator

Phonetic Password Generator offers comprehensive control over the type of pronounceable passwords you can create. It allows adjustments for vowel usage, addition of numbers and characters, password length, and the location of vowels.

Each query generates a total of 10 passwords.

Phonetic Password Generator interface

DinoPass is designed exclusively for children. It produces simple passwords composed of child-friendly words and numbers.

These passwords are easy to remember for kids but offer minimal security. They are not suitable for protecting personal or sensitive information.

DinoPass interface
Hugh’s Secure but Easy to Remember Password Generator

This unique tool generates strong passwords based on a sentence or phrase you provide. The first letter of each word is combined with numbers and characters to create a robust password.

The resultant password is as secure as a random one, and you only need to remember the original sentence or phrase.

Hugh's Password Generator interface
WebpageFX Password Generator

WebpageFX Password Generator is user-friendly and generates both pronounceable and random passwords. You can specify the total number of characters and numbers in the password.

The tool can place numbers at either the beginning or the end of the password for added flexibility.

WebpageFX Password Generator interface
Generate Password

Generate Password is a straightforward tool with no customization options. It automatically generates a 10-character password that is both pronounceable and random.

The pronounceable passwords utilize random letters and include vowels for easier memorization.

Generate Password interface
Floor500 Random Password Generator

Simply enter the desired password length and number of words, and Floor500 will produce a pronounceable password. The password consists of random letters divided into distinct words for easier recall.

You can also replace vowels like e, i, o with numbers 3, 1, 0 for added complexity.

Floor500 Random Password Generator interface
Pass Phrase Generator

Pass Phrase Generator is a highly flexible tool that creates passphrases using random dictionary words. These words are unconnected but easy to remember.

You can configure the total number of words and the overall password length.

Pass Phrase Generator interface

Tools to Generate Random Passwords offers preset profiles for generating passwords based on strength levels such as ‘easy,’ ‘strong,’ ‘harder,’ and ‘insane.’ The interface is sleek, and you can also manually adjust settings to meet your specific needs.

Norton Password Generator

Norton Password Generator allows you to generate up to 50 random passwords with the ability to adjust case, use letters, numbers, and characters. Note that it tends to underuse special characters, making the generated passwords somewhat easier to remember but possibly less secure.

norton password generator
What’s My IP Password Generator

This password generator from What’s My IP offers extensive customization, allowing you to use letters, numbers, adjust case, use special characters, and similar characters. It can generate up to 999 passwords at once and has an “All Unique Characters” option.

whats my ip password
SecureSafe Pro Password Generator

SecureSafe Pro offers a comprehensive set of options, including an “Exclude Dubious Symbols” feature, which omits common special characters that are easy to guess.

securesafe pro password generator
Free Password Builder

Free Password Builder offers personalization by allowing you to omit specific characters, numbers, or letters that you don’t want in your password. It can still generate strong random passwords based on your preferences.

free password builder
Make Password

Make Password is highly customizable, allowing you to create up to 2500 passwords with a maximum length of 64 characters. It also offers options like excluding similar characters, adding hash values, and exporting passwords.

make password provides a user-friendly experience for both novice and advanced users. It allows customization like selecting the output format and determining how random the password should be.

random org offers the unique feature of allowing you to specify which letters, numbers, or characters should be used in the password. Anything you enter in the provided box will be exclusively used for password generation.


Top Online Password Generators

  1. Password Generator Plus – This tool provides various settings to customize your passwords. You can choose to include or exclude numbers, upper and lower-case letters, and similar or duplicate characters.
  2. LastPass Password Generator – Ideal for those who prefer easily pronounceable passwords. This generator offers various character types and additional customization features.
  3. Random Password Generator by Browserling – A straightforward tool that allows you to select text format and password length.
  4. Dashlane’s Password Generator – This user-friendly tool by Dashlane creates strong, random, and easily pronounceable passwords of varying lengths.
  5. Password Generator – This tool lets you create configurable passwords. You can include characters, symbols, and even create multiple passwords at once.
  6. Secure Password Generator by TextMagic – It offers symbols, numbers, and letters for a strong password and provides a security rating based on your chosen options.
  7. Random Password Generator by OnlineRandomTools – This generator enables you to create multiple passwords with specified lengths and custom text formats.
  8. Strong Password Generator by SmartWebSolutions – A straightforward tool that generates eight-character-long passwords without any customization options.
  9. Strong Password Generator by thycotic – Customize your passwords by including or excluding letters, symbols, and specific characters.
  10. Secure Password Generator by PasswordWrench – Unique in approach, it generates a grid of random characters and lets you select a shape to form the password.
  11. Random Password Generator by Site24x7 – Allows you to decide password length and characters to include or exclude.
  12. Password Generator Tool by Comparitech – A straightforward tool with options for password length and character types.
  13. IMN Password Generator Tool – Generate passwords with selectable options for digits, letters, and special symbols.
  14. Password Generator by The Best VPN – A basic tool that produces 12-character-long passwords with no customization options.
  15. Ultra High Security Password Generator – Produces extremely strong and long passwords that are best stored in a password manager.
  16. Random Password Generator – An older design, but feature-rich, allowing high customization options for your passwords.
  17. Random Password Generator by TextFixer – A basic tool that allows for multi-length passwords with no other customization options.
  18. Diceware – Creates long and strong passwords using multiple words based on the EFF’s recommendations.
  19. Strong & Random Password Generator by wgrow – Offers an extensive range of customization options, including length and character types.


These password generators provide a convenient way to create strong and secure passwords for your online accounts. Tools like excel at creating complex passwords, while Safe Passwd is great for pronounceable ones.

We highly recommend changing your passwords frequently and avoiding the use of the same password across multiple platforms. These are common mistakes that often lead to compromised accounts.