20 Best Book Apps for Book Enthusiasts

Are you a book lover always on the lookout for your next captivating story? Whether you’re relaxing at home or on your daily commute, today’s technology keeps your favorite books just a tap away.

apps for book lovers

This post highlights a selection of the best apps designed to enrich every bibliophile’s reading experience. From communities connecting you with other readers to vast digital libraries, these apps cater to all preferences, ensuring your reading adventure is uninterrupted, no matter where you are.

So, grab your favorite drink, get comfortable, and let’s explore these digital havens of literature.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App Interface

The Amazon Kindle app is a leader in digital reading, compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. With over 1.5 million titles including books, magazines, and newspapers, it offers a comprehensive reading experience.

The app’s intuitive interface and customizable settings ensure your comfort, allowing you to highlight text, take notes, and synchronize your progress across devices. Perfect for both occasional and dedicated readers, the Kindle app is your go-to for reading wherever you are.

Download Amazon Kindle for:

iOS Android Mac Windows


NOOK App Reading Interface

Barnes and Noble’s NOOK app is a treasure trove for readers, offering over 3 million books, comics, newspapers, and magazines. Tailor your reading on Android and iOS devices with customizable text sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

Enjoy free samples of books and a vast selection of free titles. NOOK is perfect for readers who appreciate a broad range of content and a tailored reading experience.

Download NOOK for:

iOS Android


Wattpad Community and Stories

Wattpad is a sanctuary for emerging writers and eager readers. This free platform enables you to write, publish, and read unique stories, often released chapter by chapter. It’s a hit for those who enjoy serialized novels and want to follow stories as they develop.

Wattpad is more than an app; it’s an active community where people with a love for stories come together to share and connect over their literary passions.

Download Wattpad for:

iOS Android


Libby App on Devices

If you love reading and haven’t yet explored your local library’s digital offerings, Libby is your essential app. Connect with your library’s extensive collection of ebooks and audiobooks right from your device.

For those who enjoy audiobooks, Libby provides a simple and convenient borrowing experience. Get more out of Libby with helpful tips and tricks to make your digital library experience as seamless as possible.

Download Libby for:

iOS Android


Hoopla Digital Content Variety

Hoopla presents an excellent variety of digital media through your library, offering not just audiobooks and eBooks, but also comics, movies, TV shows, magazines, and music. With just a library card, you can dive into a vast pool of free content.

When comparing with Libby, Hoopla stands out with its broader range of entertainment options, including visual and audio media, making it a versatile platform for all kinds of digital consumption.

Download Hoopla for:

iOS Android


Audible App Interface

Audible is a treasure trove for audiobook aficionados. If you’re new to it, you’re in for a treat with their extensive collection of audiobooks, exclusive podcasts, and original content.

Membership provides access to a vast library where you can purchase audiobooks and opt for extra credits for more listening variety. Known for regular sales, Audible is the go-to platform for great deals on audiobooks, enhancing your listening experience.

Download Audible for:

iOS Android


GoodReads Community and Features

GoodReads is the ultimate social network for book lovers. It’s where you can discover new reads, share reviews, and rate your latest books. Utilize features like a barcode scanner to add books to your shelf, join book clubs, or take on reading challenges.

GoodReads also helps you keep track of your to-read list and offers personalized suggestions based on your reading habits. It’s the ideal platform for exploring new titles and engaging with a community of fellow readers.

Download GoodReads for:

iOS Android


Bookly App Interface

Bookly is an ideal app for those aiming to make reading a consistent habit. It’s crafted to track your reading sessions in real-time. Start the timer when you begin reading and stop it when you finish. Post-session, Bookly offers insightful statistics, showing your reading speed and progress over time. It’s more than a timer; it’s a comprehensive tool for organizing, rating, and categorizing your books on various virtual shelves.

Plus, with readathons and interactive challenges, Bookly turns reading into a fun and engaging routine.

Download Bookly for:

iOS Android


Scribd Library of Content

Scribd is a treasure trove for those seeking an expansive library of audiobooks, ebooks, and magazines all in one app. With a subscription, you unlock access to a vast array of titles. For just $11.99 a month, enjoy unlimited reading from their extensive collection.

Scribd personalizes your journey, recommending books based on your tastes and allowing you to save favorites for later, ensuring your reading list is always stocked with intriguing titles.

Download Scribd for:

iOS Android


StoryGraph Reading Tracker

StoryGraph is making waves among readers as a captivating social media platform designed for book enthusiasts. It’s where you can log your reads, categorize them on shelves, and get custom recommendations suited to your interests.

StoryGraph’s unique feature is its detailed tagging system, allowing you to label books with specific themes, genres, and content warnings, helping users find their perfect next read with precision.

Download StoryGraph for:

iOS Android


Basmo Reading Coach App

Basmo acts like your personal reading coach, ideal for those looking to increase both the frequency and quality of their reading. This app helps you set and track yearly and daily reading goals, promoting a regular reading habit.

Basmo emphasizes mindful reading and better comprehension with features like a detailed reading log. Connect with friends for added motivation and consider the premium version for extra features, or stick with the free option to kickstart your literary journey.

Download Basmo for:

iOS Android


iReadItNow App Interface

Exclusive to iOS, iReadItNow is more than an app; it’s your personal reading assistant. Tailored for daily readers, it helps manage your reading life efficiently, archiving every book you’ve read, planning future reads, and tracking unfinished ones. Add personal notes and share your reading progress on social media.

It’s the perfect tool for maintaining a detailed and organized record of all your literary adventures.

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Kobo Books

Kobo Books App

Kobo Books is your gateway to over 3.5 million free and affordable titles, accessible on a wide array of devices. What sets Kobo apart are its community-oriented features like quizzes and competitions, tracking your reading habits, and allowing for social sharing on book thoughts. It’s a social and engaging reading app designed to make each book an interactive experience.

Download Kobo for:

iOS Android

Google Play Books

Google Play Books Interface

Google Play Books, available for both Android and iOS users, offers a vast collection of titles, including many free options. Enjoy offline reading and a wide range of supported languages, making it a versatile choice for readers everywhere. It’s an uncomplicated, comprehensive app perfect for those looking to explore a world of books at their fingertips.

Download Google Play Books for:

iOS Android

Apple Books

Apple Books Reading Interface

Apple Books is the quintessential platform for all your reading and listening needs, offering a vast collection of books and audiobooks. Navigate through an expansive Book Store and Audiobook Store to find your next favorite read or listen. The app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to track your reading history, compile a wishlist, and set personal goals. Enjoy seamless integration across Apple devices, ensuring you can continue your story wherever you are.

The Reading Now tab serves as your digital nightstand, offering quick access to current reads and tailored recommendations. Organize your library effortlessly, and revisit any book in your Finished collection. With features like CarPlay and Apple Watch compatibility, Apple Books ensures your stories accompany you in all your activities.

Download Apple Books for:


Aardvark Book Club

Aardvark Book Club App

Aardvark Book Club reimagines the traditional book club experience with an app-based subscription service. Each month, discover a selection of new releases across genres and pick your favorite for the book of the month. Connect with a community of readers, discuss your latest finds, and enjoy a modern, convenient book club experience from your phone.

Download Aardvark Book Club for:

iOS Android

Summary Z

Summary Z App

For those seeking a quick recap of their favorite books, Summary Z provides brief summaries to read or listen to. This app stands out with its auditory and visual summary options, perfect for catching up or refreshing your memory. Track your reading habits and set future goals with its handy reading tracker, making Summary Z an invaluable tool for avid readers.

Download Summary Z for:

iOS Android

Serial Reader

Serial Reader App

Serial Reader is the ideal app for those looking to delve into classic literature in manageable segments. It breaks down classic novels into bite-sized pieces, perfect for 20-minute daily reading sessions. Experience complete, unabridged classics in a new, accessible way, with a free version for casual reading and a premium option for enhanced features.

Download Serial Reader for:

iOS Android

Aldiko Next

Aldiko App Interface

If you’re an avid reader juggling multiple books in different formats, Aldiko Next is the app designed for you. It consolidates your audiobooks, ebooks, and comics into one streamlined app, allowing you to import and access your entire collection with a single tap.

For those who frequently switch between several books, Aldiko offers significant time savings and organizational ease, enhancing your reading experience with convenience and efficiency.

Download Aldiko Next for:

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