50+ Useful AI Writing Tools to Know (2023)

Dive into 50+ AI tools that shape your writing, from content generators to typing assistants.

AI writing tools generate content based on the keywords or prompt provided by users. You can then improve upon the output and make it suitable according to your own requirements.

ai writing tools
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There are different types of AI writing tools, and in this post, we are featuring some of the best ones. From content generators and editors to translators and typing assistants, there’s a whole gamut of AI-powered writing tools in the list. Take a look and see if one (or more) catches your interest.

HIX.AI is a powerful all-in-one AI writing copilot with an AI document editor, ChatGPT-like Chatbot, browser extension, and 120+ AI writing tools to meet all your writing needs, ranging from short copy, email, social media posts to fact-based, SEO-Friendly and long-form articles.

Acrolinx is an AI-powered writing tool for business, marketing, and promotional content. You can use it to generate content on any topic, translate texts, grammar check, technical jargon, etc.

With a powerful AI-writing model, AI-Writer helps you create SEO-friendly, extensive, latest, and quality content in the shortest time.

AISEO helps you develop your thoughts into professional content. You can find inspiration, collect resources, track your progress, and publish interesting content.

AI-powered Anyword lets you generate perfect copy for marketing and promotional purposes. The tool can generate content in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Chinese.

Using AI and deep learning, ArticleForge allows one to create professional, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content in a matter of seconds.

A natural language generation tool, Automated Insights turns numbers and facts into clear and beautifully visualized data usable for any field.

ChatGTP is an AI-powered chatbot that can provide an answer to just about anything you ask. Just give it the right prompt and it can generate anything from a poem to a research paper in seconds.

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Cohere AI’s utilized Natural Language Processing power to help developers classify text, generate content, and embed information into easy-to-understand data.

Copy AI is an AI content generator that anyone from writers, marketers, social media managers, and developers can use. You can edit and polish the results as per your own requirements.

Copymatic gives you the power to generate blogs, advertisements or marketing copy along with images in the quickest way possible. You can develop anything from long-form content to short, catchy phrases.

An AI-content generator with a focus on marketing and e-commerce, Copysmith helps you develop product descriptions, categories, pages, ad campaigns, and SEO-optimized content.

Creaitor AI is your AI assistant for creating or enhancing marking content. You can use it to generate ideas, create content, or improve upon your own work.

Frase offers you AI-generated long-form as well as other types of content like content briefs, content analytics, optimization guide, and high-quality copy.

Friday AI writing tool can generate any content from blog posts, digital ads, video scripts, SEO-optimized content and much more.

Charlie is a helpful little AI-content generator puppy who loves to help people create engaging content through the Go Charlie platform.

More than a spelling and grammar checker, Grammarly enables you to improve upon your writing to make it more effective and precise through AI-backed technology.

Hemingway editor is a platform that helps you brush up on your content, be it long-form articles, ad copy, or a work of fiction.

AI writing platform HyperWrite can help you get out of that writer’s block that you’ve been dealing with. Plus, it can offer loads of inspiration for your next article.

INK offers you to generate content that even Google will not be able to detect as bot-generated.

Instoried offers AI-powered writing that is backed with human support. You can generate and analyze content, plus there’s a developer portal coming up.

Jasper is an AI bot for creating enticing and market-friendly content. From captions and taglines to long-form articles, it can do a lot.

An AI sales email writer, Lavender helps you turn leads into paying customers with effective write-ups and real-time assistance.

Lex is basically an AI-powered word processor that can copy any tone and style that you assign it.

LightKey is an innovative tool that learns your typing patterns and predicts up to 18 words. This way you can type faster and with greater efficiency.

LongShot turns your random ideas into detailed articles. It can generate articles on any topic or theme.

Lyne help you compose personalized sales emails using the power of AI. You can seek the bot’s help to improve your sales copy.

MikeLegal is an AI-powered legal content generator tool. It can also proofread written content and suggest improvements where needed.

Narrato is an AI tool for improved and efficient workflow. It can also generate content and help manage teams.

Nyle helps you grow your e-commerce business on Amazon through effective product descriptions, sales emails, and marketing copy.

Outranking AI assistant helps you shape your content strategy, generate content and run research, optimize content, and track the content’s performance.

Papertype AI can do a lot using AI technology. It can write quick emails, generate long articles, develop landing pages, and create ad copy.

ProWritingAid assists you in improving your writing through grammar checks, vocabulary enhancement, and style improvement.

An AI-powered paraphrasing tool, QuillBot improves your writing. It offers a real-time suggestions to make it more interesting and effective.

Rasa.io is a marketing and sales email generator that focuses on engagement, content personalization, and quality.

Rytr is an AI-powered platform for writing quicker and more professional Facebook ads, advertisement copy, product descriptions, and SEO titles.

Scalenut helps generate content from the ideation and research stage to execution and performance analysis.

Sembly is an AI assistant for taking meeting notes. It can generate insights, help with brainstorming process, and summaries.

Simplified is a versatile AI-powered platform to generate designs, copy, and graphics through prompts. The generated content is customizable as much as required.

Surfer provides you with a content workflow to maximize traffic and make your content as much optimized for search engines as possible.

TextCortex is an AI content generator for marketers, bloggers, developers, and the like. It can generate content in different languages like German, Spanish, Dutch, etc.

TextMetrics analyses your text and highlights where improvement is needed. It is specially designed for HR professionals and recruiters.

Typeshare offers templates and inspiration to help you start wiring. Plus, it offers analytics to measure your content’s performance.

Unfluffer is an AI-powered editor that helps you edit unwanted phrases or words in your writing making it concise.

An AI-backed grammar and spelling checker, WebSpellChecker can correct your sentences in more than 20 languages.

Generate any kind of content ten times faster with WordAI.

Wordtune gives words to your thoughts. Write whatever you think of, and it can improve it into compelling content in seconds.

Writerly can develop tailored and high-quality content for any market or business. It also offers templates and inspiration for writing content.

WriteSonic helps you create optimized and concise content for any platform. The generated content is plagiarism-detection proof.

For the people writing in their second language, Instatext helps you write English content like a native.

Give a title to Smodin Writer, and it will create an essay, article, or piece of work in any of the famous writer’s styles in seconds.