ChargeKey: A Key-Sized Charging Cable For Your Smartphone

Smartphones are not only gaining larger storage capacities, but they are also becoming more powerful. When was the last time you went two days without having to recharge your smartphone? Apart from using battery packs, seeking alternative ways to charge your smartphone, or constantly charging your phone overnight (seriously, don’t do it), you can always carry your charging cable with you.

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We have previously covered Nomad’s ChargeCard but now they have an even smaller charging solution: the ChargeKey. It is so small, it fits on your keychain. Now isn’t that handy?

It’s no bigger than your average key, which is great since you can treat it like just another key. It also has a quick release for constant latching and unlatching for when you need to plug it into a USB port to charge your device.

The ChargeKey has a Micro USB version and a Apple Lightning Connector variant. The Micro USB caters for many Android devices as well as cameras or your kid’s portable gaming device. The Lightning Connector supports the latest range of iOS devices including the latest iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPhone 5S/5C.

Despite its stiff look, the ChargeKey is reportedly flexible around the middle, to accommodate charging sessions. So far it is only present in this color but we’re hoping that there will be more color variety in the future.

ChargeKey USB