10 iPhone Cases that Offer More than Protection

With your shiny new iPhone, the first thing you think of buying is a phone case. When getting a case for your iPhone, people either go for a good-looking one or something that can better protect the phone.

However, in this post, I am going to list some unique iPhone cases that come with features that go beyond looks and protection. From a well-protected photography case to an anti-gravity one, you’ll find some really cool options in this collection. Let’s take a look.

The Lunecase: Revolutionizing iPhone Cases with Intelligent Features

The Lunecase: Revolutionizing iPhone Cases with Intelligent Features

First published on May 5, 2014. We all know that our smartphones emit electromagnetic energy. But until now,... Read more

Ztylus – Professional Lenses

With its professional-grade lenses, Ztylus gives you limitless options for iPhone photography. You can let out the professional photographer in you with its Z-Prime lens, Revolver 4-in-1 lens, LED Ring Light, and GoMount Disc, which lets you capture the photograph in any scene or environment. Available in a variety of colors. (Price: $49.95)

Ztylus - Professional Lenses

Mous Musicase

Mous Musicase is designed to untangle and retract your earphones for easy storage so you can enjoy your music while on the go. With its high-quality premium material and soft touch paint finish, this case is designed to offer you a comfortable grip and solid protection. Available in black and white or blue and pink. (Price: $39.99)

Mous Musicase

R79X Antenna Case

This next generation case, R79X Antenna, has an incorporated multi-patented, micro-thin antenna. Its unique slider design inside the antenna case will automatically couple with your phone and extends its antenna power. It helps you to stay connected by maximizing the antenna and enhancing network signals. (Price: $44.99)



A case for divers, Proshot is a waterproof and shockproof durable housing for iPhone that also comes with two interchangeable lenses ideal for shooting in extreme environments. You can take it down with you in up to 90 feet underwater. It is also mountable onto your diving gear, or onto a surface to make it easier to take shots. (Price: $119.99)


Anti-Gravity Case – Easy Grip Case

The Mega Tiny Anti-Gravity Case is a case which allows your iPhone to get a good grip on any surface. This thin yet durable case has slightly raised edges that protect it from accidental drops, and its nano-suction material not only keeps your iPhone secure on a smooth surface but can be cleaned just by using water or a cleaning solution. (Price: $19.99)

Anti-Gravity Case - Easy Grip Case

Snap! – Single-Hand Snaps

Snap! is an ergonomic and professional photo case that allows to capture amazing photos with high clarity and wide angles, with just one hand. Its slim design complements well with add-on telephoto, fisheye and macro lenses, and a holding strap makes for a safer single-hand snapping experience. (Price: $29.90)

Snap 6 - Single-Hand Snaps


Sunthetic harnesses the power of the sun and charges your iPhone using solar energy. If you are always on the go and getting your iPhone charged is a constant pain, this may be the case you are looking for. No wires, no power plugs, no heavy battery packs, just place your faith in the Sun to keep you always connected. (Price: $79)

Sunny Case - Solar Charger Case

Latitude – Wireless Charging

Enjoy the freedom to charge wirelessly with Latitude, a universal wireless charging case, which is compatible with every type of wireless charger already available out there. Latitude has a slender and sleek design that makes it easy to slip into any pocket and will not make it difficult to charge it the traditional way, if need be. (Price: $24.90)

Latitude - Wireless Charging

Brink Case

Brink Case provides the ultimate protection against cellphone radiation in a minimalist style. Alongisde its claims of being able to lower radiation by up to 67% compared to a bare phone, it’s also a case that gives your phone drop protection. (Price: $49.99)

Pong - Radiation Protection

Capture Kit – Rough Terrain Tripod

Capture Kit puts your iPhone in a Quad Lock case and using the tripod adaptor, locks it down to a tripod for a fast, easy and secure lockdown before you start taking professional photos even in abnormal terrain. A steady camera will give you the best possible shots so this is a must-have for nature-lovers who are always on the go. (Price: $44.90)

Capture Kit - Rough Terrain Tripod