This Case Lets You Charge Your iPhone Anytime, Anywhere

There is no denying that the iPhone has great battery life. However, heavy users will still be able to drain the battery of a fully charged iPhone within normal working hours. The ideal solution to this problem would normally be a power bank or, ideally, a power outlet so you can top up your phone’s battery. Unfortunately, there are certain times when both options are not available.

So, what is the solution to this problem? Well, if you’re a part of the Ampware team, the answer is to create a portable charging device that is constantly on your phone. Enter the CrankCase, an iPhone cover that doubles as a charger.


From the outside, the CrankCase appears to be a rather bulky iPhone case. The overall design of the case is made to fit the latest iPhone models (iPhone 6/6S). The CrankCase also comes in three different colors.

Where the CrankCase really becomes unique lies at the back of the case. True to its name, this phone case holds a crank arm that is folded into the case. Once the crank arm is unfolded, you’ll need to connect the onboard Lightning Cable to the case and feed the cable to the iPhone.

When your iPhone is connected, you can then begin charging the phone by cranking the arm either clockwise or counterclockwise.

crank it up

So, how much power can you get out of this phone case? According to the makers, cranking the arm for two minutes will revive your iPhone from a dead battery to Emergency Call (Battery Critical) status. If you were to crank the arm for 10 minutes, the case is capable of generating enough energy to power your iPhone for up to two hours of regular use.

crankcase battery life

Overall, the CrankCase is a good alternative and/or supplement to a power bank. The case is also ideal if you’ll be heading somewhere where a power outlet may not be available.

While there is no denying that the CrankCase does make you work for your precious battery life, it still beats the alternative of having a dead phone.