Taming Gadget Cables: 30 Holders & Organizers You Can Buy

It can be such a hassle to maintain an organized office space. This is especially true when there are many devices placed in close proximity of each other. But thanks to some creative inventions, we might be able to find just the right tool for the job.

If you’ve been struggling with cable management check out this gallery of brilliant solutions: cord tags, labels, clips, cable boxes, zip-ties, and a whole lot more. These are all fantastic products which have caused a buzz around the Internet community. And looking through this eccentric collection, you’re bound to find something cool for the home office!

Sumo Heavyweight for Cables

Bluelounge has some of the best cable organization tools. Sumo is just one of the many options they have in store for you. It doubles as a weight block as it holds cables in place atop of your desk.

BlueLounge Sumo for Cables


As the name implies, CableClip is perfect for rounding up all those loose cables you have lying around. It enables portability, plus you’ll never have the deal with the chaotic balls of cords all wrapped around each other. A very heavy-duty product, it carries a considerate a cheap price tag.

BlueLounge Cable Clip

Multi-Cable Drop

These cable drops are much more handy for power users and workstations. They keep your desk clean and also provides easy accessibility at any moment. Additionally, these cord holders can also double as organizers which you can use to arrange your workstation setup. Chargers, keyboards, USB cables, and similar external connectors will no longer get in the way of each other.

Small Cable Drops and Holders

CableBox Mini

If you’re tired of finding the full length of your cords sprawled all over the floor, CableBox Mini can be used to solve this. Store the cables into the box then slide it underneath your desk or work area for a quick-clean solution. The box also comes with a surge protector and is the perfect cable-keeper for small spaces.

Creative Organizer for Cables and Wires

Reusable Flexi-Ties

Having a difficult time with unruly wires? You wouldn’t be the first person. Flexi ties released by UT-Wire are exceptionally tough. They can wrap and hold practically any cord and are just as easy to un-do. The process of managing your cable collection can be easily streamlined with a package of these bad boys.

multi-purpose re-usable flexi ties by UT-Wire

Lufdesign Leaf Tie

Lufdesign came up with a zip-tie that’s in the form of an elegant natural-looking leaf wrapper. Although thin by appearance the tie is actually very durable and is likely to hold up for years. If you’re sick of thick cables, you can look to this as a lighter alternative.

Zip Tie by lufdesign

Fork and Cream Sauce

Quite a unique idea you certainly won’t run into elsewhere. This cable organizer comes packaged with a ‘fork’ and a base, along with a simple instruction manual. It’s rather intuitive to cut down on extra cable length using this awesome tool. You could additionally hold other cords in place, similar to a cable drop.

Fork and Cream Sauce Lufdesign

Cordies Cable Holder

Now if you need a go-to solution for keeping all your cords accessible look no further. Cordies Cable Holder is the perfect cord drop which is small enough to fit anywhere on your cluttered desk. It’s a great tool to help you get organized, and it comes in a real funky shape!

Padded - Cordies Wire Cable Holder

Dotz Reusable Cable Straps

This product comes to those of you who often have difficulty managing the identity of your cables. Dotz Cable Straps come in multiple colors and behave as a permanent zip-tie solution. You can label each of your important cords and never lose track of them again.

Cord Holders, Colored Cable Straps by Dotz

Cord Identifiers

Now if you aren’t looking to put cables into storage but still require an identity solution, this product absolutely fits the bill. Dotz was thinking ahead by creating two models which act in a very similar fashion. Yet it can be so frustrating to crawl underneath your work area to figure out which cables are connected to which device.

Again the circular-shaped dot IDs are easily customizable and feature image graphics instead of labels. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to order a few sets and keep some extras handy, just in case.

Circular cord labels & identifiers

Custom Spirals

Etsy is the source of many really cool products. This one example of a custom cable ID system can be seen using 6 different glyphs to represent each device type. These are easily wrapped around your cables.

Etsy Custom Cord Identifiers and labels

DIY Cable Management Holder

Fans of the Star Wars series will love this one. The product page goes into more detail regarding the setup and tool requirements, but it shouldn’t take you more than a day, on average, to put together. This very handy organization tool adds a bit of flair to the whole room. You have easy access to all your cables and also a bit extra storage space.

Custom Star Wars DIY Cable Management

XL Cable Organizer

For those extra long cables you’ll need to find a powerful holder. This solution by The Container Store is perfect for wrapping and storing all your extra cords. It takes up very little space and acts as a mediator between the two connectors. These can also make great gifts for someone struggling with cable management.

Cable Organizer XL - The Container Store

Twisty Cable IDs

I really enjoy this product as it provides a deeper level of customization than the alternatives. You get ‘twisty’ IDs which you can label with your own phrases or nicknames, which doesn’t matter because after a while you will forget the labels and associate the wires with the colors instead.

These also make perfect gifts to help your friends and family members get organized. The package comes at only $8/piece and you’ll likely have them for a lifetime!

Twisty Cable IDs - The Container Store

Cord Catch

The drops we listed earlier may be too expensive or flashy for the average consumer, but don’t worry, The Container Store always has alternatives. I often find myself looking around for lost cables to charge my iPhone, connect speakers, external monitors and other devices. The following cord catchers are small yet they can perform their job quite well.

Cord Catch - The Container Store

Mini Picket Fence

This solution is a bit eccentric compared to the normal cable-organizing solutions. Yet if you have cables running all over your room, you’ll soon realize the beauty behind this solution. The Mini Wall Picket Fence can also behave as a brilliant piece of decor.

Wall Picket Fence for Loose Wire Containment

The Wall Cleat

This wall cleat means business when it comes to cable management. If you have big, heavy cords weighing you down then this product is the perfect solution. They are easy to install and can be hooked around any wall outlet in the house.

Wall Wrapper Cleats

Monkey Cable Organizer

This is one truly adorable cable clip! This sweet product comes to us from the guys at ThinkGeek who have them for sale in the store for $6. Cable organization doesn’t always have to be serious. And our fellow monkey friend can really wrap up a whole host of cords, not to mention being a pleasure to look at. The whole wrapper is made of rubber and easily opens and closes. It usually runs out of stock as this is a hugely popular product.

ThinkGeek Custom Monkey Cable Clip Organizer

Cord Wrap

This simple yet elegant solution can wrap up your extra cords in no time at all. The shape and design of this wrapper makes it a snap to relieve extra room and clear up space on your desk. These also work great for iPods and MP3 players when you are listening to music on-the-go.

Cord Wrapper by MyBobino

Phone Clip Holder

I do not regularly charge my iPhone using the MacBook, as the wall outlet always appears to be a more reasonable approach. This clip fits perfectly in line with any standard iPhone including 3GS/4/4S models. MyBobino has produced similar products for phone chargers. Yet I feel that this is a higher-quality product, the perfect solution for iPhone aficionados.

MyBobino Phone Charger and Holder

Wire Bloom Cable Clips

You will never be annoyed with unruly wires again! These cable clips can be used to manage the direction for running wires along your wall or floorboard. They come in the shapes of a bird and leaves for elegance and eye-catching appeal. A single pack comes with 12 leaves and a single bird, all at the reasonable price of $10/package.

Wire Blooms - Cable Clips by Perpetual Kid

UT Wire Cable Wheel

Here we see another magnificent product from the people at UT-Wire. You can feed excess cable wiring into the wheel which acts as a mini cable wrapper. Organization is key here, so it makes sense to pick up a few of these when you order. They can be placed near your workspace or closer to outlets and power strips. This keeps them out of the way and gives you some peace of mind.

Cable Wheel by UT-Wire

PowerCurl Macbook Cord Wrap

The PowerCurl Wrap features a unique design for holding extraneous cords. The extra space grants you more freedom to move about your working area as needed. The name suggests targeting Apple MacBook users, although truthfully you can organize nearly any cord with it.

PowerCurl Cord Wrap by quirky

Flexible Pivot Power Strip

This product just shoots out the “cool” meter to a whole new level. The Pivot acts as a flexible power strip with built-in surge protection for your cords. The design is brilliant as it curves to make room for even your older bulkier power cables (think Super Nintendo/NES era).

The outlet is $30 at original pricing and comes with the option of white or black. It’s definitely an investment, but for those of us who love cable organization, it’s a no-brainer. The store brand quirky has some fine products and a dedicated customer base.

Flexible Pivot Power Strip by quirky

Plug Hub Cable Organizer

Plug Hub is just another example of genius at work. How many different ways have you tried to organize a chaotic collection of power strip cables? It takes far too long and you can never truly succeed in hiding the ugly mess. Pop one of these guys underneath your desk or in the corner of your room. It only takes about 20 minutes to fully setup and once you’re all set it is easily forgotten about. Drop in your cables and you’ll already feel a sense of relief. This box also comes with cord wrappers to alleviate any extra wiring and even allows for hiding a full power strip.

Plug Hub - Power Strip and Cable Box by quirky

Contort – Flexible USB Hub

Contort is a pretty smart idea in itself. This USB hub can extend out of your computer offering four extra USB ports. The whole design is run with built-in cable management so you don’t get lost in the scuffle. It’s also easy to transport and will work on nearly any computer, desktop or laptop.

Contort USB Hub by quirky

Belkin TuneTie

Belkin has some really cool products out there for easy cable organization. Managing your collection can be a hassle, but it’s not rocket science. This simple cable tie gives you a solution for wrapping up extra cord space when necessary.

Belkin TuneTie Cable Organizer

Cord Control Tube

The Cord Tube has all the standard functionality you would expect with a cable management tool. It’s not exactly the prettiest item on the market but it gets the job done when it comes to hiding your cables and keeping them in a centralized location. The standard length is 6 feet in total and will easily flex to accommodate more cables.

Simple White Cord Control Tube by Get Organized

Cable Station II

Talk about the ultimate cable drop! This solution by Get Organized features five (5) open ports through which you can feed any number of cables. Management tools have never been this easy or intuitive. These only cost around $7 before shipping, so you can likely afford two or more, if you have a need for such quantity.

Cable Station II Grey by Get Organized

Rotating 4-Outlet Surge Protector

Surge protectors are very popular today when it comes to wall outlets. You can never be too careful with technology. Electricity damage is not forgiving! This simple 4-outlet port will plug into any standard wall outlet and even allows you to rotate the inputs. This gives you plenty of room for plugging in extra-large chargers without any overlap.

4-Outlet Sure Protector with Rotating Sockets

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