5 Best Portable Gaming Devices

Video gaming has been one of the best and most popular pastimes since ages. There are millions of games and a variety of gaming devices available for gaming fans. There are even portable gaming devices that you can use on the go.

In the same vein, here is a list of really cool portable gaming devices with different features. From handheld gaming consoles to the typical clam-shell 2DS, you’ll find a lot of interesting items in the list. So, let’s take a look.

1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been bringing wonderful gaming devices in the market since decades. Nintendo Switch is the company’s portable gaming console for gaming fans of all ages. It is a well rounded gaming device that offers multiple playing modes and a wide variety of games available to play.

I personally love the design of Nintendo Switch – rectangular shape with soft curves with matte plastic finish. Moreover, you can use the Joy-Cons as a single game pad or two separate controllers. It is also extremely light with 6.2 inches screen and 9 hours battery time with makes it ideal entertainment device that you can use anywhere.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Another hand-held gaming device from Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch Lite is pretty much like the Nintendo Switch, however, it is a bit smaller in dimensions. It has a 5.5 inch touch screen and weighs 0.61 pounds – all of which makes it even more portable than its predecessor.

However, unlike Nintendo Switch, the Lite one has no detachable controllers. It has a basic operating system, headphone jack, and 3 – 7 hours battery time. Even though Nintendo had to cut out some key features, but it can still be considered as an improvement on its predecessor.

3. Super Mario Bros Handheld Console

Super Mario Bros Handheld Console

Super Mario Bros Handheld Console is versatile hand-held gaming device which is a combination of a clock with built-in games. There are two Super Mario Brother games in the clock that you can play with the buttons. It is a cool collectible for any Super Mario Bros. fan.

The handheld console has a body made of red plastic with brushed metal surface and buttons made of tactile rubber. It has a tiny screen but offers crisp graphics and vibrant colors. There’s even a tiny speaker at the side with good sound quality.

4. Nintendo New 2DS XL

Nintendo New 2DS XL

Nintendo New 2DS XL is Nintendo’s return to the 2DS ecosystem due to a huge number of 2DS games and even more to come. It features the same ol’ clam shell design that is typical of any 2DS or 3Ds gaming device, however it is much compact, handy and light.

There is a huge collection of 2D games available which makes Nintendo New 2DS XL an ideal gaming device for 2DS fans. Another great thing about the gaming device is that it comes with a charger and offers a good price point for beginners. You can buy it in black/turquoise and white/orange color options.

5. GPD XD Plus


A study portable gaming device GDP XD Plus is a handheld gaming console the size of an average mobile phone (however twice as thick). With a typical clamshell design and great processor performance the device allows you to play some of the most famous classic games on the go.

GDP XD Plus features Vulkan Engine support, MT8176+PowerVR Hexa-core processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage capacity. Also, it runs on Android 7.0, supports WiFi connectivity, and a large capacity battery that lasts for 10 hours.