Best iPhone Docks and Charging Stations to Buy

To keep your iPhone charging in a well-managed and safe way, you need a charging dock. It is one of the highly useful phone accessories to help you charge your phone and other devices through a reliable power source and that also keeps them organized.

In this post, we are featuring a variety of charging stations or docks for iPhone. There are many items in the list that allow you to charge iPad and Apple Watch along with your iPhone. So, go through the following list of iPhone docks to see which one would suit your needs.

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1. Oakywood Combo Dock
Oakywood Combo Dock

An elegant and minimal dock handcrafted with natural wood (procured from sustainable sources) and shaped with geometric cuts. It is a combo dock that works for iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. The dock features adjustable backing for your phone and can be bought in walnut or oak finish.

2. Azpen D100
Azpen D100

Here is a multipurpose charging dock for iPhone. The dock features a Qi Wireless charger, built-in mic for taking handsfree calls, 2 USB charging ports as well as bluetooth speakers with quality sound. You can charge your phone vertically or horizontally and can charge your device through some of the toughest phone cases.

3. Kafri Desktop Holder
Kafri Desktop Holder

KAFRI offers a stable charing station for your phone as well the Apple Watch. It comes with non-slip silicone pad base with a sturdy metal base to add maximum stability and there’s also a display with colorful LED lights. The stand also offers a USB port as well as good cable management.

4. Charging Station for Multiple Devices
Charging Station for Multiple Devices

This multi-device charging station allows you to charge up to 8 devices – tablets, phones, AirPods, and iWatches at the same time. You get 4 short USB cables with it and there’s also one Qi Wireless charing pad with 15W wireless output. The charging station is made of sturdy ABS material with a stable base and doesn’t over-heat while charging.

5. Lamicall Dock
Lamicall Dock

A minimal metallic cradle for holding your phone while charging. The stand is made with high-quality aluminum alloy with a non-slip base made of rubber. Apart form charging your phone, you can use it to watch videos in vertical or horizontal mode with a suitable viewing angle.

6. KeyEntre Charging Station
KeyEntre Charging Station

Here is a desk organizer plus charging dock that offers you to charge up to 6 devices at the same time. You can use it to power up your tablets, AirPods, Apple Watch, and phones. It comes with multiple 2.4A quick charging ports as well as 3 USB cables. You can get it in silver and black colors.

7. Seneo 3-in-1 Charging Pad
Seneo 3-in-1 Charging Pad

Seneo offers a 3-in-1 wireless charger for iPhone and AirPods along with charging puck for Apple Watch to be charged in nightstand mode. There’s a Type C charging cable included with the package with universal compatibility. The dock is made with special temperature control technology that offers faster charging without heating up.

8. Sinjimoru iPhone Dock
Sinjimoru iPhone Dock

A minimal charging dock for iPhone, Sinjimoru is a sturdy one with a unique look. You can get it in a variety of interesting colors and it takes minimal space at your desk. The body is made of soft silicone and it is quite easy to set up even when you’re on the go.

9. Geekeraharging Dock
Geekeraharging Dock

GEEKERA is a multi-device charging dock offering wireless charging for your iPhone, AirPods as well as your Apple Watch. It offers high-quality Qi-certified charging with a green LED light indicators that won’t disturb your sleep. The dock is equipped with over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current protection.

10. 4-in-1 Charging Station
4-in-1 Charging Station

Here is a smart charging station that offers Qi-enabled wireless charging for iPhone as well as a charging stand for AirPods and Apple Watch. You get up to 10W fast charging with 3 connector base. You do, however, need a cable for charging the Apple Watch and AirPod to set them up in the dock.

11. Xunmej iPhone Dock
Xunmej iPhone Dock

This is a versatile dock for charging iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, and an additional stand to hold your over-ear and in-ear headphones. It helps you organize your messy desk or nightstand with good wire management. The dock is made of premium aluminum and offers adjustable position for your iPhone. Apart from charging, it can hold your phone for vertical and horizontal viewing.

12. Yestan Wireless Charging Station
Yestan Wireless Charging Station

A beautiful and minimal wireless charging pad that can your Phone, AirPods and Apple Watch at the same time. It has soft non-slip silicone surface that’ll keep your devices from slipping away from the charging surface. Also, you can charge your phone along the case easily. For the Apple Watch charging, you need to fix the magnetic charging cable in the puck.

13. Native Union Dock
Native Union Dock

Native Union Dock is Apple’s official wireless charger. It offers safe charging of up to 7.5W and can charge all Qi-compatible devices. It has an elegant design, soft textile padding, and allows you to charge your phone in horizontal as well as vertical mode. It can charge through most cases up to 3mm thick.

14. Elevation Lab GoStand Adjustable Stand
Elevation Lab GoStand Adjustable Stand

GoStand is a simple yet highly useful adjustable stand for iPhone. Created by Elevation Lab it is Apple’s official accessory that allows you to position your phone at different angles. Made with premium silicone with metal hinge, the stand is light-weight and fits perfectly in your pocket.

15. Belkin 3-in-1 BOOST CHARGE PRO
Belkin 3-in-1 BOOST CHARGE PRO

A 3-in-1 charging dock by Belkin, the Boost Charge Pro uses MagSafe technology and allows you to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch wirelessly at the same time. You can attach your phone and watch to each of the arm and place the AirPods at the base for quick and reliable charging.

16. iPhone Lightning Dock
iPhone Lightning Dock

iPhone Lightening dock is an absolutely minimal charging stand for iPhone. It is Apple’s official accessory and allows you to connect the dock with the computer or to a power source. The dock is available in three colors – space grey, silver, and gold – and a beautiful metallic finish that’ll go perfectly with your iPhone’s original look.

17. Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Stand
Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Stand

An handsome-looking charging dock by Belkin, Boost Up offers 5W Qi-certified wireless charging and take up minimum space wherever it is places. It is compatible with any Qi-enabled device including phones and tablets. Backed by Belkin’s reliable technology, the charging dock offers foreign object detection and is available in black and white color.

18. Twelvesouth HiRise Lighting Stand
Twelvesouth HiRise Lighting Stand

The HiRise Lightening stand offers lightening fast charging for all your Apple devices – AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPhone (all models), Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and AppleTV Remote. It gives you faster charging than wireless and elevates the phone for hands-free viewing. The lightening connector fits with most cases and you can buy the dock in grey, white, or black color.

19. Twelvesouth HiRise Wireless
Twelvesouth HiRise Wireless

Another charging dock by HiRise, here is a wireless charger that works with any Qi-enabled mobile phone. It is made with elegant black and chrome finish and keeps your phone in upright position so you can use it in hands-free mode. You can even remove the power disk and turn it into a portable charging disk for travel use.

20. Morphie Wireless Charging Stand
Morphie Wireless Charging Stand

Here is a compact and sleek wireless charging stand by Mophie. It offers 7.5W wireless charging for multiple Apple devices. It holds your phone at a convenient charging angle and can even fold down flat to turn into a charging pad. It can charge through light-weight cases and comes with power adapter.