5 Rugged Smartphone Cases to Survive (Almost) Any Drop

Discover the best smartphone covers that protect your phone from drops and damage. Keep your phone safe and stylish with these top picks.

Afraid to take your smartphone anywhere because dropping it means a painful $500 bucks? Fear no more, here are many options for keeping your phone safe from drops, rain, dust, and the rigorous conditions faced by first responders, industrial workers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and even parents.

In this post, we’re featuring a few good cases to safeguard your valuable investments.

Let’s take a look at this list of some sturdy and cool smartphone cases and watch the videos of these phones being pummeled, dropped and tested to the max!

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1. Otterbox Defender

Otterbox has a wide range of rugged cases for smartphones and tablets, in particular the ones from the Defender series.

This case for the iPhone comes in three parts: a polycarbonate outer casing, a silicone cushioning inside, and a thick, durable clip.

Otterbox Defender

It includes covers for the phone ports and buttons, and the design of the case allows you to place the phone facing inside or outside: you can offer the screen of the phone extra protection in extreme conditions or turn it facing outward so you can see your calls, messages, and alerts.

In the video "Otterbox Defender Series 23 Floors Ultimate Drop Test" one man drops his phone 23 floors from his hotel room.

Watch the video to see what this phone is really capable of.

2. Tough Clear by Case-Mate

For those who do not wish to hide the elegant backside of their iPhone, here is a series of classic clear phone cases featuring unmatched toughness. Crafted from plant-based plastic, these iPhone cases are not your typical clear cases as they provide the highest quality and maximum protection.

Tough Clear by Case-Mate

One of the most outstanding features of the case is that it offers MicroPel® that’s anti-microbial protection which is approved by the FDA – meaning you don’t have to worry about the hygiene factor of your case.

When it comes to the toughness, the case has been tested with a 15-foot drop, thanks to the quality and amazing flexibility of the material. It also features impact-absorbing ridges so your iPhone remains scratch-free.


To give your phone a modern look and maximum protection against bumps and scratches with the Ballistic iPhone cases. You’ll find an array of amazing iPhone cases each having features more impressive than the other.


From tough jacket series to soft jacket and even clear cases, Ballistic offers a variety of cases with multi-layered protection and a design that clings perfectly to your iPhone and feels wonderful while holding.

The different cases in the series are made of different materials, depending on their type. However, whichever material your Ballistic iPhone case is made of, you can be assured of maximum protection for your iPhone.

4. Scooch Wingman Case

Scooch Wingam cases are one of the most versatile iPhone cases you’ll ever find. They are equipped with many useful features that help you organize and ease your everyday life carrying an iPhone.

Scooch Wingman Case

Ranging from cases that provide a kickstand and great grip to wallet cases that allow you to carry your money or bank cards, you’ll find many other useful options to choose from. Best of all, the cases are compatible with Qi wireless charging pads.

When it comes to being powerful, the Scooch Wingman cases meet military drop standards through EXO-D Impact technology. Additionally, their design offers ultimate grip that allows you to use the phone comfortably with one hand.

5. Ghostek

One of the toughest ones in the market, Ghostek offers a whole gamut of iPhone cases equipped with different features and made with the same durable materials. From high-protection design to sparkling ones with vibrant colors, there’s an option for different user requirements.


The cases offer a powerful thermoplastic fusion mold and complete shcock-proof protection. Additionally, the raised bazel provides extra protection to the corners and a solid grip that keeps the phone from slipping from your hands.