Enhanced 2-Step Verification with Google’s Phone Prompt

One of the more frequent complaints that many have pointed out over Google’s phone prompt 2-Step Verification process to tighten up your Gmail security, is that the prompt really doesn’t give you much information about the sign-in attempt. This will no longer be the case as Google is tweaking those prompts, allowing them to display additional information about the sign-in attempt.

Available to both iOS and Android users, the updated phone prompts will now show the location of the sign-in attempt, which is extrapolated from the IP address of the device that attempted to login to the Google account. On top of that, Google will also notify you of the time the sign-in was attempted. The device used will also be listed down in the prompt.

two step verification

This feature will be rolled out over the next couple of days, so don’t be surprised if you’ve yet to see additional information on your phone prompts just yet.