Fix Shaky Videos with Google Photos’ New Stabilization Feature

Anyone who has tried to capture a video using their smartphone has experienced the "shaky camera" effect. However, for Android smartphone users, there is now an opportunity to eliminate the “shaky cam” effect through Google Photos’ new Video Sabilization feature.

Currently being rolled out to Google Play Store around the world in the version 2.13 of Google Photos, the Video Stabilization feature will go through your videos in Google Photos to remove any shaky effects that they have.

The end result would be a video that is considerably more stable than the original, which directly leads to a better viewing experience.

video stabilization

Once the update is installed on your Google Photos, you can access Video Stabilization by accessing the “Videos” tab through the “Albums” page. Upon selecting a video and tapping the “Edit” button, you’ll be able to find the “Stabilize” option right next to the “Rotate” option.

All that’s left to do after that is to tap the “Stabilize” option, wait for Google Photos to process the video, and when it’s all done, you’ll have a video that is mostly shake free.

remove shaky effect

While the tech that powers the video stabilization feature is pretty impressive, and without any flaws, those with keen eyes will notice some weird warping effects on the stabilized videos themselves, as well as some stuttering from time to time.

If you wish to see more comparisons of pre and post-stabilized videos, Google has compiled some samples here.

Without Stabilization

With Stabilization

Flaws aside, Google Photos’ Video Stabilization feature will prove to be useful for those who frequently record videos on their Android smartphones. At the moment, this feature appears to be Android-only, so it remains to be seen if it’ll make its way to the iOS app as well.