Frontback Camera for iOS: Snap / Share Photos with Front & Back Cameras

Don’t like always being left out of a group photo? Well many smartphones have a front camera and a back camera. In the Samsung Galaxy you can take photos simultaneously with the back and front camera in the same photo. We’ve found an app that lets you something similar to that with your iPhone.

Frontback lets you take photos separately with your iPhone’s front and back cameras, then it combines the two pictures into one cool grouped image. Frontback is supported on all iOS devices. Here are Frontback’s cool features.

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Getting Started with Frontback Camera

After downloading the app, you have to register for a Frontback account to start using it. After registering, you’ll get the option to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

At the writing of this article, a Frontback account doesn’t give you features like searching or following other users but we may see that in the future.

Frontback Register

Snapping A Frontback Picture

Frontback photos are taken on the back camera first. Hit the camera icon in the middle of the view to snap your first picture, hold your position and tap the camera icon again when the app switches to the front camera.

The top half is your snap from the back camera, while the bottom half is from the front. The front and back cameras won’t be taken simultaneously. If you’re unsatisfied with either of the pictures, tap on it to retake the photo.

Frontback Picture

Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, or save it to your camera roll. Give it a fun caption before you share it out (no help from Frontback there, you’re on your own).

Frontback Share

As for sharing on Instagram, you’ll be redirected to the app on your phone for you to repost it there.

Frontback Instagram

Frontback also has a feed where you can see, like and share pictures picked out by the Frontback Staff.

Limitations of Frontback Camera

That’s seriously all this very new app can do at the moment. You are stuck with this generic top-bottom look with your photos and the app doesn’t feature any filters or editing features to help you enhance your snapshots, just yet.

You can fall back on Instagram (or other photo editors) to help enhance your photos. But we believe that if we give it some time to get its feed and other ‘following’ features to start, this app may find its way to a permanent spot on your iOS device.