20+ Strangest And Most Unique Hotels in The World

Do you fancy staying in a hotel room underwater or at the bottom of the sea? Or sleep in a bed that looks like it is suspended in mid-air or in a room made of ice? Well, you’re able to cut that off your bucket list because there are many amazing hotels in the world that can offer you such an experience.

Here are 20 hotels based on unique concepts that will make your stay more unforgettable than the actual destination. Also, if you know about any other one-of-a-kind hotel, do let us know in the comments.

Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo Brazil

In the heart of the upscale district of Jardins in São Paulo, Hotel Unique stands out amidst the sky with its sculptural architecture.

Hotel Unique, Sao Paulo Brazil
Attrap’ Reves Hotel, France

Atrrap’ Reves Hotels in France are actually habitable and eco-friendly plastic bubble domes built using recyclable materials to create interactivity with nature.

Attrap' Reves Hotel, France
Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

If you ever fantasize about what’s it like to live underwater, well at this resort in Fiji, you can do all that and more! The rooms are designed in a way to provide deep sea lovers with an endless view of the sea.

Poseidon Undersea Resort
One by the Five, France

The clever design of this one guestroom at One by the Five, creates the illusion that the bed is levitating. The bed is attached to the wall but not to the floor. Don’t fall off.

One by the Five
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

The little domes are guestrooms that create the living situation inside a glass igloo. The igloos are made of thermal glass to keep guests warm. It also has the world’s largest smoke sauna.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort
IceHotel, Sweden

A hotel made of ice that is reconstructed ever winter. Using frozen water from the Torne River, this is a real refreshing treat!

Icehotel, Sweden
The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

The tooms here float and are suspended in the water. The lower bedroom is attached 13 feet underwater with windows that show a view of the sea in all directions.

The Manta Resort, Zanzibar
Seven Hotel Paris, France

The coolest things here are the levitating bed, transparent shower (ooh-la-la) and fiber optics. Let your worries slip away.

Seven Hotel Paris
Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea

It is a luxury cruise ship on land! Experience a romantic getaway at its rotating sky lounge as well at its renowned Yacht Club House.

Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea
Das Parkhotel, Germany

Want to stay in a barrel? The rooms at Das Parkhotel will be perfect for that. Because the rooms are round, the beds are held by an ergonomic slatted frame.

Das Parkhotel
Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA

This bed & breakfast guesthouse is inside the World’s Biggest Beagle. Guests can enter the body of the dog from a private second storey deck.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho
The Balancing Barn, England

Located a few miles of the coast of Suffolk, half of the Balancing Barn’s structure is firmly on land and the other half is looming over the edge!

The Balancing Barn, England
Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

This unique hotel located on the eastern shore of the Great Salar de Uyuni is built entirely of salt – the walls, floors, ceilings and most of its decorations!

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia
The Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

It’s a one-room hotel, and you get to sleep inside a crane. Guests can operate the giant crane to get a 360-degrees view of the surroundings.

The Crane Hotel
The Grand Canyon Caverns, USA

Get away from it all in this single room 22 stories underground. There are plenty others above ground but none as quiet or as secluded as this one.

Grand Canyon Caverns
The Sala Silvermine Hotel, Sweden

The world’s deepest hotel room. Another place to get away from work and technology, this suite is also deep underground and keep at a constant 18 degrees Celcius.

Sala Silvermine Hotel
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, China

It cost approximately $1.5 billion to give curves to this hotel. This LED-lit arch rises from the Lake of Taihu.

Sheraton Hotel
V8 Hotel, Germany

Automotive lovers can take their hobby to the next level at the V8 Hotel in Germany. The hotel has 10 theme-based rooms.

V8 Hotel, Germany
Hotel Parchi Del Garda, Italy

Located at the heart of Lake Garda’s main theme parks, get the 4D hotel room experience here. The rooms come to life with special effects all in 4D!

Hotel Parchi del Garda
Giraffe Manor, Kenya

"Mind if I drop in?" Eat breakfast with the giraffes. The hotel has high spacious windows for giraffes to pop their heads in to look for snacks to eat.

Giraffe Manor
Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany

This one is for the morbid. If you ever want to know what sleeping in a coffin feels like, this is the place for you. Also comes with a labyrinth.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Germany