10 Best Lenses For Your iPhone Camera

Improve Your iPhone Camera Quality with These Lenses. Learn how to take stunning photos with your iPhone using these affordable lenses.

The iPhone comes with a magnificent camera, no doubt about that. However, when it comes to professional iPhone photography, you need some external lenses to enhance its performance and capture amazing shots.

So either you’re a professional or amateur iPhone photographer, check out this list of powerful and well-crafted lenses for iPhone. Read on to know about the features that each lens offers and see which one would suit your needs the best.

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Shiftcam Pro Lenses

Shiftcam prides itself on making one of the best mobile photography products. Their pro lens series offers the most advanced lenses for professional mobile photography on iPhone.

Cell Phone Lenses

From wide angle and macro lens to telephoto, CPL, and even kaleidoscope lens, this iPhone camera lens kit offers a whole bundle of high-quality lenses. The kit also comes with a detachable clamp that fits the lens to any iPhone model.

Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter Lens

This beautifully designed anamorphic lens offers professional-looking photography and filmmaking. Made with cinema-grade glass, it comes with a lens cap and a dynamic clamping mechanism that mounts securely on your iPhone.

Olloclip MultiClip + Macro 10x Start Lens

To take the sharpest and most detailed close-up shots with your iPhone, check out the Macro 10x Start Lens with the MultiClip to accompany it. The Multi-Clip works with a range of lenses and works equally well with screen protectors.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens kit offers a comprehensive solution to all your iPhone photography needs. It includes a range of lenses along with LED light, lens clip, and a sturdy protective case.

Apexel High Power Telephoto Lens

Here is a powerful 36X high-definition telephoto lens for your iPhone. It allows you to take long-range shots with precision and without compromising on the image quality.

Moment Wide Lens

This is a specialized wide angle lens for iPhone that capture 2X more picture, thanks to its multi-element glass design. Made with hand-polished glass lens, it is one of the most-demanded attachment lenses in the market.

iPhone Filmmaking Case

This is a heavy-duty aluminum case for the iPhone that improves stability and includes a combination of wide angle and macro lens. You can also attach a 180-degree external microphone.

iPhone Lens Kit

This comprehensive kit consists of 8x and 2x telephoto lenses, a 60x microscope, a fisheye lens, a combination wide and macro lens, as well as a tripod and lens wallet.

Phocus 5 Lens Bundle

Phocus’ 5 Lens Bundle includes the Phocus Case, a sturdy iPhone case with 37mm lens thread and five lenses: a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, 10x and 12x macro lenses, and a fisheye lens. It also includes two lens caps and two carrying pouches.


Here’s a few more:

MOMAX Lens Case Kit

This Lens Case Kit features 3 lenses designed by the renowned Century Optics: a 2x telephoto lens, a super wide lens, and a macro lens. The kit also comes with a special case onto which the lenses attach.

IZZi Orbit

The iZZi Orbit is a case with a rotating lens attachment that holds 4 lenses: a fisheye lens, a wide angle lens, a 2x telephoto lens, and a macro lens accessible by unscrewing the wide angle lens.

ProScope Micro Mobile

If macro lenses don’t go close up enough for you, maybe the ProScope Micro Mobile is what you need. The Micro Mobile offers 20x to 80x magnification and comes with a built in LED light.