5 Clever Ideas For Great Group Photos

It’s not easy to pull off an impressive or very creative group photo, but that’s only because we are limited by our imagination and the number of crazy friends we have. When you have those two elements, plus the willingness to take countless upon countless number of frames of the same shot just to get that one photo right, you end up with some great masterpieces that are the envy of other photographers out there.

In this short inspirational post, we have grouped together 5 great ideas that you can try to make your very own creative group photos.

1. One Leg Kick!

Here’s a gem of a shot. Get a few friends to stand some distance in front of you in the same line. Get them to figure out how badly they would look if they get a kick in the stomach for real.

Have them ready to jump, have the hero ready to give his ultra-powerful kick, get the camera ready in burst mode and Click Away!

2. The Beach Super Punch!

An extension of One Leg Kick!, this punch has a radial effect on the victims. For the best effect, take the time to carve out the rings of destruction in the sand, like what you see around the kung fu master who delivers the super punch.

You might want to coordinate who ‘badly’ you are hit (victim right in the middle seems to be bearing the brunt of the force), less smiles more pain on the faces, and some flying shoes may improve on this pretty perfect photograph.

3. Super Grandma!

Grandma has a temper! Looks like all her tai-chi lessons are finally paying off. If you don’t eat your vegetables or always talk back to your na-na, one day she may unleash upon you her tai-chi of doom like this awesome grandma here.

The lady in red (third from the left) may need some attention later on, particularly since she is straight in the line of fire.

4. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fuuuh

You definitely need someone behind the camera for this one since it is a play on perspective and angles. While the first six people gave the impression that they are actually on a giant’s hand, the last two fellas on the far right delivers the home run by breathing life into the illusion. Someone grab on to the last guy before he gets blown away!

5. Perfect Formation

Here’s a cheeky group trying to hold back their cheeky grins as they levitate several feet off the ground. Note that the guys hold one type of pose while the girls try another type.

I’m not sure which of the two is harder but their ability to coordinate the formation while in mid-flight is commendable. Friendly reminder, tuck in them shirts before you start posing for photos where you jump in the air.

One More: Watery Poetry in Motion!

Part of the power of photography is capturing something while it is happening, even when we don’t see it with our own eyes in real life. How often can you capture water droplets marking out a path in mid air?

This might take some practice to get it right and hence willing participants to fling their hair a lot more than once. But in the end, you’ll know when you have a winning photo.

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