30 Tree Tunnels That Will Take Your Breath Away

Tree tunnels are one of nature’s curious and beautiful phenomenon. By definition, a tree tunnel is described as a road or street that has rows of trees grown on both sides. The trees somehow form a canopy overhead which gives the effect of a tunnel.

Some tree tunnels are natural due to the nature of the tree branches whilst others are man-made as they are grown that way using gardening techniques. Whichever they are, tree tunnels make lovely settings for photography as these photos of 30 magnificent tree tunnels from around the world shows.

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Tunnel of Love, Kleven, Ukraine

(Image Source: Oleg Gordienko)

Tunnel of Love
Jacarandas Walk, South Africa

(Image Source: imgur)

Jacarandas Wal
Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn, Germany

(Image Source: Adas Meliauskas)

Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn, Germany.
Hilly Autumn Avenue, USA

(Image Source: wallpaperstock)

Hilly Autumn Avenue, USA
Yew Tree Tunnel, Carmarthenshire, UK

(Image Source: Guy Stitt)

Yew Tree Tunnel, Carmarthenshire, UK
Bamboo Path, Japan

(Image Source: forwallpaper)

Bamboo Path, Japan
Wisteria Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

(Image Source: Unknown World)

Wisteria Tunnel, Japan
The Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

(Image Source: Travel And Tourism)

The Dark Hedges
Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Tokyo

(Image Source: sun-surfer)

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Tokyo
The Tree tunnel, Halnaker, England

(Image Source: Daily Fresher)

The Tree tunnel, Halnaker, England
Gormanston Fairytale Tree Tunnel, County Meath, Ireland

(Image Source: jacco)

Sena De Luna, Spain

(Image Source: BuzzFeed)

Oak Alley Plantation, Louisiana, USA

(Image Source: BuzzFeed)

Cypress Tree Avenue, Point Reyes, California, USA

(Image Source: Bored Panda)

Avenue of Oaks, Dixie Plantation, South Carolina, USA

(Image Source: Bored Panda)

oaks avenue
Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhae, South Korea

(Image Source: Bored Panda)

gyeonghwa station
Parque Francisco Alvarado, Costa Rica

(Image Source: Vytautas Šėrys)

Laburnum Tunnel, Bodnant Gardens, UK

(Image Source: Tony Shertila)

Sakura Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan

(Image Source: Masai Okeda)

Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho, Porto Alegre, Brazil

(Image Source: Stephen Messenger)

Maple Tunnel, St. Louis, Oregon, USA

(Image Source: Bored Panda)

Tunnel of Love, Kawazu-cho, Shizuoka, Japan

(Image Source: Agustin Rafael Reyes)

love tunnel japan
Jerez street, Spain

(Image Source: Aidan McRae Thomson)

Tree Tunnel, Netherlands

(Image Source: Lars van de Goor)

Tree Tunnel, Koloa Town, Kauai, Hawaii

(Image Source: Parrish Kauai++)

Smuggler’s Notch State Park, Vermont, Connecticut, USA

(Image Source: Emlii)

Natural Tree Tunnel, Mendocino County, California, USA

(Image Source: Ultimate Places)

Maple tree tunnel, Yamanashi, Japan

(Image Source: Flavorverse)

El Paseo del Espolón, Burgos, Spain

(Image Source: Vado a Spain)

Maekdo Ecological Park, Busan, South Korea

(Image Source: Busan Haps)