20 Best Hyperlapse Videos So Far

It has been almost a month since Instagram released Hyperlapse. The hype over the app is still going strong as Instagram (and iPhone) users continue to shoot hyperlapse videos on their phones.

With Hyperlapse seemingly mundane things look more exciting when they’re sped up 10 times faster. Of course, not everything looks good on Hyperlapse but the ones that do are worth mentioning. Here we’ve compiled 20 Hyperlapse videos that we think are worthy standouts.

Burberry‘s runway during London Fashion Week is akin to a color spectrum.

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Ben & Jerry’s hyperlapse of a melting ice cream has never been more sad (and effective).

Oreo scores with this one by showcasing a Hyperlapse done by one of its fans.

Even the White House got in on some Hyperlapse action with this quick 15 seconds tour.

There’s a bizarre fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago that spouts water at you. Not bad at all @timelapsechicago.

US photographer David Guttenfelder recorded his commute with bisons for National Geographic.

Watching ants go about their business is surprisingly fun as seen by @jaymayerhiller.

Sunsets have never been more breathtaking, as depicted by @nintendroid.

@51.3hz captures the moving clouds as they transform the scenery into something more ethereal and fantasy-like.

@hyperlabbs makes watching the night sky full of stars an even more magical experience.

@cvladulescu pretty much gives us entertainment by watching cars looping on this winding road.

A night view of New York’s cityline is a must with this app, thanks to @chrispetescia.

But why stop there when @teamaphillyated can show you how the city turns from day to night?

@cshimala creates some magic by making it look like the clouds and the buildings are moving to the beat of the music.

@aapoliti shot this video of a hallway but really, who knew a museum in DC would have such a beautiful hallway?

@hancox92 knows that one way to make a clock timelapse interesting is to mix it up with a song remix beat.

Not sure how South African film-maker Mark Hofmeyr make those boats dance but it’s mesmerizing.

Artist Jesi is extremely talented with those paintbrushes of hers.

Why stop at recording what goes around when you can play around like @mihailonaca?

A Hyperlapse feature won’t be complete without this Hyperlapse within a Hyperlapse and it’s tastefully done by @v2rio.