10 Free macOS Tools For Screen Recording

If you’re using the latest macOS, you’d already know about the built-in screen recording feature that comes built-in with the operating system. However, for some users, this built-in tool may not work the way they want or couldn’t perform some specific tasks intended.

So, for those looking for suitable alternatives to Mac’s native screen recording tools, here are some free tools that can work mighty well. All the tools in the list have different features. So read on to learn about each tool in detail.

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1. VideoSolo Screen Recorder

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a simple yet feature-rich app for capturing high-quality screen recordings. It offers a clean interface and really simple functionality that captures any kind of screen activity from your computer.

Besides recording your screen, you can use the tool to capture webcam video as well as the audio from your computer system and microphone simultaneously. This feature makes it a fantastic tool for creating professional video tutorials and recording gameplay videos.

Some of the other cool features of the VideoSolo Screen Recorder include an independent audio recorder, one-click snapshot during the screen recording, defining the recording area, exporting to various formats, mouse tracking, shortcut controls, and much more.

Download VideoSolo Screen Recorder for Mac

2. FonePaw Screen Recorder

With FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can easily capture your Mac screen and record both system sound and your voice simultaneously. Unlike other screen recording tools that come with complicated setups, FonePaw Screen Recorder has a clear and easy-to-understand user interface that enables you to grasp the logic of using the software quickly.

Its real-time drawing feature makes your screen capture process flexible and convenient. When recording the desktop activity on Mac, you can instantly add text messages, highlight with shapes and arrows, and draw on the screen. All these drawing tools help produce a much more engaging screencast video.

This app also gives the option to record your webcam and record gameplay. You are free to customize the recording area, output format, and output quality before you start the recording session.

Download FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a versatile tool that allows you to capture your entire screen, a specific section of your screen, webcam, system audio, and microphone. By default, recordings are saved in MKV format, but they can be converted to any popular video format or even MP3 if you only require the audio.

With this free Mac screen recorder, you can effortlessly record meetings, podcasts, webinars, or online videos and then edit the clips using its basic built-in tools. You can annotate your videos during recording with text, arrows, and shapes, and also highlight your mouse actions and keystrokes.

Unlike many other macOS recording tools, Movavi Screen Recorder offers a scheduler feature, enabling you to capture any online event even when you’re not present at your Mac device.

Download Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

4. Robot Lite

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

This is a simple app that you can get from the Apple App Store. Just as one would expect, it lets you select any part of your screen to have it recorded. The video recording only lasts for 200 seconds on the lite version of this app.

The good thing about this app is that your video won’t get watermarked. Besides that, you can also enable the mouse click feature so that it can detect every mouse click that happens and have them included in the recording.

Download Robot Lite for Mac

5. MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro's screen recorder

MacX Video Converter Pro is a versatile tool for converting, editing, downloading, and resizing videos. But one of its most prominent features is to create screen recordings. It enables you to record videos from your Mac built-in camera or an external webcam in superb quality.

With MacX Video Converter, you can capture game plays or video calls and create webinar, video streaming or screen recordings. The created videos are saved in .mov format, but you can always convert it to any format of your choice through the same tool.

Download MacX Video Converter Profor Mac

6. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a Mac screen recorder that can capture any region on the PC screen along with audio (internal sound and the microphone) or webcam.

The app is capable of recording screen activities like Zoom meetings, webinars, tutorial videos, presentations, and gameplay, without lagging.

It also allows one to edit recorded video and audio files with an embedded video editor. Additional features such as scheduled recordings, auto-stop recording, extracting audio from videos, adding intro/outro, and Gif maker are a bonus.

EaseUS RecExperts exports recorded files in the following formats: .mp4, .mov, .avi, .flv, .mkv, .mp3, .aac, .wav, .ogg, .wma, and .flac.

Download EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Powersoft Screen Recorder

This software gives you the ability to do screen recording that can record both your mic input as well your system’s sound. By just clicking on the record button, you can then choose to record in full screen, a specific region or only using your web camera. Although the recordings are limited to only 3 minutes per video, including the watermark, they have a lot of other features to justify these limitations.

You can have your videos converted into .avi, .mkv, .wmv, .asf, or .3gp, directly using the software converter feature. Moreover, you can also create a task schedule to automatically trigger recording at a day and time of your choosing.

Download Apowersoft Screen Recorder for Mac

8. Monosnap


Monosnap is a screen capture application that is on par with (or probably even better than) the once free Droplr. We say better because, unlike Droplr, Monosnap is free and includes features like in-built image editing, the option to upload your files to your own server, and finally, screen recording.

It also comes with the option of turning on your webcam, mic, and system’s audio all at the same time before you start recording. If you are connected to your Monosnap account, once you’re done recording, you can immediately upload and share the link with your friends so that they can stream or download it.

Download Monosnap for Mac

9. VideoProc Converter’s Screen Recorder

VideoProc Converter's screen recorder

VideoProc Converter’s screen recorder enables you to use multiple features to do screen recording. Thanks to its GPU hardware acceleration feature, you can record in SD/HD quality, save your videos in different formats, and do all of that with great speed.

There are many other features that you can use in this app. For example, drawing and annotation in real-time right on the video, recording with system sound and microphone and recording full or partial screen according to your requirements.

Download VideoProc Screen Recorder for Mac

10. TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture (formerly Jing) is a screen capture tool that allows you to capture images, but it also has video recording capabilities. To begin recording, just use the capture tool and drag it to the area you want to record. Once you have selected your area, you can start recording.

Jing includes the option to use the mic when recording, so you can narrate through your steps if that is necessary. It is the perfect tool for creating video tutorials of up to 5 minutes. While you can record your voice, unfortunately, you can’t record your sound system because it’s not designed to capture the system’s audio.

Download TechSmith Capture for Mac

Jing has since been retired, but it is still free and available for download.

Bonus: QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player

If you have been using Mac for a while, you’d probably know Quick Time Player is the default Mac video player. But did you know that you could use Quick Time Player to do screen recording too? That’s right, and it’s as easy as opening the player and going to File > New Screen Recording.

You can choose to record your entire screen or just drag your mouse to only select and record a certain area. Best of all, the recording limit is only limited by the available space in your hard drive.

QuickTime Player is – by default – installed on your macOS. If you have accidentally uninstalled it, go to the Apple Product Page to download again.

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