14 Most Common Types of Facebook Profile Pictures

Have you ever put much thought into your Facebook profile or do you just slap on the best thing that is happening in your life right now? Other than your name, a Facebook profile picture is the only other thing users could see when browsing through Facebook profiles.

Well, we’re seeing some patterns as to the kinds of profile pictures that you can find on Facebook. Some people share what they do for a living, their hobbies, what they are passionate about and much more. You also have the the cartoon fans, the ones with overflowing parental instincts, and the jokers.

It is not uncommon to find a lot of Facebook users trying to find their interest, passion and identity, and you can even chart this via their Facebook profile pictures. Here are 14 kinds of profile pictures we commonly see on Facebook. Which category does your profile picture fall into?

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1. The Inseparable Lovers

A majority of Facebook users would probably at one point or another share their own versions of these 3 stages of life as their profile pictures. Those who are still in a new and fresh relationship will be in cinematic love mode, constantly quoting love notes from the romantic movie currently showing at the cinemas.

Profile pictures may change according to the latest dinner date. These will graduate to…

inseparable lovers

2. The Wedding Gown Look

This will probably happen more with the ladies because if there is a day they look gorgeous, that would be in their wedding gown on their wedding day. Alternatives are close-up shots of the wedding rings or what is etched on the ring or the rock that is on it. It will be classy, and timeless and the happiest day of their lives until…

wedding gown look

3. The Newborn

As much as you hate it, baby photos will clutter your Facebook feed, whether you like it or not. Some start from the ultrasound scans, then move on to the newborn (fresh from the oven), then their baby steps (literally) and fevers (which sometimes help) and the achievements these kids continue to unlock.

The only thing you can do in retaliation if to have a kid of your own… then share those photos. And the vicious cycle continues.

new born

4. The Activist

The idea of social responsibility catches on fast due to social media and how fast awareness about diseases, conditions, injustice etc is spread these days. The activist is united by a common flag, logo, ribbon or symbol that expresses their support for a cause, for a greater good.

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5. The I Am A Fan

So okay, not everyone is okay with the way they look and would prefer an alternative image or look. This group of users prefer using pictures of a character from a game, an anime, a movie or series, or an animated film; other times it is a celebrity, artist, singer or fashion designer.

ironman fan

6. The Always Emo

Sometimes it’s a sunset, other times it’s a window pane with raindrops right after a drizzle. It could be a photo they just snapped with their camera phone, or a random Google image.

If you have a friend who does this, chances are nobody knows what is really going on in their lives.


7. The Hopeful Model

While the wedding gown look is something a new bride would love to flaunt, this profile picture is different. The hopeful model will look his or her best in every possible picture.

Sometimes it is to feature a new cosmetic product bought, a new dress or fancy t-shirt.You’d think that they have a professional studio set up in their home just to take these shots.

8. The World Traveller

This is the one who is always on a mountain, a jungle trail, a deck in the middle of the ocean or in an airport, backpack in tow. You can find the world traveller in front of a famous landmark or tasting new food on the other side of the world. At the very least, it will be a window shot from the plane.

9. The Hobbyist

We all have other loves in our lives and they aren’t always human. We have pet lovers, car lovers, the ones with specific interests in music, art, engineering, a deep love for computers, gadgets, photography (more on that later) etc. You will find the object of their affection as their profile picture. It’s what defines them.


10. The Joker

Planking, Owling, Pottering, Batmaning, Vadering etc the internet really comes up with the weirdest things, and you can expect the joker in your friend’s list to adopt this, on top of their regular jokes and stunts. If there is a new profile picture to look forward to, it would be the joker’s. Expect photobombs!

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extreme planking

11. The Hardcore Party-Goer

This is self-explanatory, this wild person loves to party. And the whole world will know of their exploits – sometimes because they were drunk and posting pictures about their lives is second nature to them.

Their profile picture most likely involves them holding a pint of beer and having a good time. If these guys have "Joker" friends, expect lots of laughs the next day.

12. The Group Shot

Sometimes the company you keep is part of your personality, particularly when everyone in the group do everything and take tons of snapshots of it.

The user who cherish their gang of buddies would almost certainly feature them on their profile picture, particularly while doing something cool, like the beach super punch!

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group photo

13. The Fitness Junkie

Healthy being one of the most important things you should take care of in your life has taken an extreme turn these days. Expect to see in the fitness junkie user’s profile, pictures of him or her flexing muscles, a six-pack, running (in a marathon or on a treadmill) and posting their latest weight count or ‘mileage’.

Find more here.

14. The DSLR Holder

"Have DSLR, will post photo of DSLR". Despite knowing photography takes a lot of practice and time to master, nothing stops the new DSLR owner from using the self+DSLR combo photo as their profile pictures.

You may find some with the camera covering half of the photographer’s face, in black and white, and almost always taken in automatic mode. Others, well, take it to extremes.

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The list is far from exhaustive, particularly when there are millions (if not a billion) Facebook accounts in the world. Know of more types of Facebook profile pictures that should be on the list? Name them in the comments.