5 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Facebook

I just came across a really eye-opening chart about how crimes were both committed and cracked using Facebook. In one story, someone’s house was burglarized by a person she had just added as a friend on Facebook the week before!

Things you shouldnt post on Fb

What we post on Facebook – our private information, photos, thoughts, and likes – can sometimes be turned against us. Even though Facebook can feel like a safe space to share our lives, we need to be careful about what we put out there for the world to see.

Here’s a list of five things I believe you should think twice about before posting them on your Facebook page, starting with:

1. Professional Contacts

Let’s talk about your friends’ list. Just because you can have up to 5,000 friends doesn’t mean you should try to reach that number. Here’s an idea: maybe keep your bosses, managers, supervisors, or even colleagues off your list.

Even if you’re close to these work connections, mixing your professional and personal lives can be tricky.

For instance, if you have a tough day at work, you should feel free to share your thoughts without worrying about who might see it. Keep your work circle out of your Facebook space, so you have the freedom to express yourself without the fear of work-related consequences.


Speaking out about work frustrations can be a good way to relieve stress, especially when you can do so freely. Make sure you can vent without looking over your virtual shoulder by keeping these individuals off your Facebook friends’ list.

2. Excessive Personal Photos

We all love sharing snapshots of our lives. Whether it’s a touching or funny moment, or just a selfie for a little ego boost. Galleries filled with pictures of our homes, children, workplaces, parties, purchases, vacations, pets, and family are our way of saying, “Look at my fabulous life. What about you?”

However, oversharing can attract unwanted attention, especially if you’re posting photos that show where you live, what your kids’ school looks like, what you bought your spouse for their birthday, or your latest tech gadget. It’s good to share your life with friends, but you don’t want to give too much away to strangers.

personal photos

Remember, you have the power to choose which photos you share. Use that control to protect your privacy on Facebook.

3. Your Current Location Tags

Do you often find yourself tagging your location everywhere you go? It’s time to kick that habit. Regularly pinpointing your location, even tagging your own home, is not a wise move.

Long before social media, security experts advised against setting obvious patterns in your daily routine to prevent becoming a target for theft. This advice is even more crucial in the age of Facebook.

location tag

Moreover, avoid broadcasting when you’ll be away (heading to Phuket next week!) or when you’re home alone (Just me tonight, partner’s at a conference in Australia). The only thing missing is a map to your hidden key and valuables — let’s not make it any easier for would-be intruders.

You might call it being overly cautious, but with a little research on someone’s Facebook profile, it’s possible to plan a small burglary. To be clear, that’s not a challenge – it’s a reality check.

4. Heated Rants and Comments

Writing out of anger can lead to regrettable posts, and on Facebook, this happens more often than it should. Remember, what you post shapes people’s perception of you, even if your page is private.

Using harsh words and insults doesn’t solve anything. You might think, this is my Facebook, I can say what I want, but deep down you know it might come back to bite you. Your views and opinions may evolve, but your Facebook posts could linger on. Remember: What you post can haunt you forever.

5. Your Birthday Details

If there’s one piece of personal information you should keep to yourself, it’s your full birthdate.

date of birth