20+ Cheatsheets & Infographics For Photographers

We love cheatsheets as one can refer to them and make quick amendments to better our skills. Since many loved our last compilation of cheatsheet for designers, we’ve decided to compile another set of cheatsheets, this time for photographers.

Amateur photographers, and even pros can easily benefit from these cheatsheets as it is a resource for fresh and new ideas. We’ve scoured the Web and have found a wide variety of cheatsheets covering various aspects of photography and catering to the many levels of skills and interest of anyone who calls themselves a photographer.

Most of the pictures you see here are cropped for a nice fit, so remember to click on the links to check out the entire cheatsheet or infographic. Some of them are really long and can give you a ton of worthwhile information that you really can’t do without.

5 Tips for Black & White Photography

5 Tips for Black & White Photography

Monochrome photographs are timeless, mainly black and white photographs. They enhance emotional substance and have a disposition of... Read more

Manual Photography
Manual Photography
3 Ways to Affect Depth of Field
Depth of Field
What Your Camera Captures At Every Lens’ Focal Length<
What Your Camera Captures At Every Lens' Focal Length
Photography Cheatsheet
Photograhy Cheatsheet
3 Elements of Exposure
Color Temperature Scale
Color Temperature
F-Stop Chart
F-Stop Chart
Lighting Modifiers
Lighting Modifiers
Portrait Lighting
Portrait Lighting
Portrait Lighting For Home Studio
Home Lighting
Nikon vs Canon: Shooting Modes
Shooting Modes
Nikon Metering Mode
Metering Modes
Reading The Nikon Viewfinder
Nikon Viewfinder
Portrait And Posing Ideas
Posing Ideas
How To Read A Histogram
Portrait Cropping Guide
Cropping Guide

More Photography Resources

Here are more (but wordy) resources to help in certain photography situations. The following also includes keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture together with a few other cheatsheets for certain DSLR models.

10 Rules of Photography
10 Rules of Photography
Wedding Photography Cheatsheet
Wedding Photography
Family Portrait Cheatsheet
Family Portrait Cheatsheet
Landscape Photography Cheatsheet
Landscape Photography
Action Photography Cheatsheet
Action Photography
Macro Photography Cheatsheet
Macro Photography
Photographer Rights
Photographer Rights
Best Shutter Speeds For Every Situation
Best Shutter Speeds For Every Situation
Adobe Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts
Lightroom Shortcuts
Apple Aperture Keyboard Shortcuts
Aperture Shortcuts
Canon Memory Card Compatibility
Canon Memory Card