How to Add A Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Page [Quicktip]

You can add a Facebook page link in your Twitter profile page so your followers could visit your Facebook page for additional beyond-140char content, but how do you add your Twitter profile link to your tab on Facebook Timeline? Adding external links can easily be done from your Facebook page’s profile information where there’s a column to add your website address, but this will not appear on your tab.

Facebook tab is a new page itself, which means to create a new custom tab, you need to create a new page on your Facebook page, and to add this new page, you will need an application to help you complete the process easily.

This episode of Quick Tip will guide you through the process to add Twitter tab on your Facebook page with, with one of their free app that will integrate your Twitter feed with your Facebook page.

Add twitter Tab with CertifiedSeller App

CertifiedSeller has an app ready for you to install on your Facebook page, with custom Twitter application that will make it easier for you and your fans to share your tweets on Facebook.

  1. To start with this app, go to the CertifiedSeller signup page and register for a free account.

    Signup CertifiedSeller

  2. Fill up your email and password and click Continue.

    registration details

  3. When registration complete, you will be redirected to the installation page; click on ‘CS Twitter’.

    Install Twitter tab

  4. You will be redirected to Facebook, now select to which Facebook page you want to add the Twitter tab to, then click Add Page Tab.

    Add Tab to page

  5. You will now be redirected to your installation page, leave the page open, and now open your Facebook page, notice the Twitter tab is already created for you. Click open the tab page.

    Created Tab

  6. Now you will see your page ID, copy this ID and go back to the Certifiedseller installation page.

    Page ID

  7. In the installation page, enter your fan page name, the page ID you copied earlier, your Twitter username and click Save.


  8. Now that you have completed the integration, go back to your Facebook page, click on your Twitter tab and you will now see your Twitter feed, with the Facebook buttons, for easier sharing.

    Twitter Tab


There are many tools and applications available for free on the Web to help you add a Twitter tab or add new pages on your Facebook page, and CertifiedSeller is just one of it. Some app allows you to do extra customization: you could change the tab image and icon, and even change the whole page interface. But what I’d like to know is, would you add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page?

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