60 Creative Public Awareness Ads That Make You Think

You gotta admit that the world is ugly. Although World War II was more than 60 years ago, the world today is still filled with destruction, but in different forms such as deforestation, animal massacres and also the robbery of human rights. The good news is that when there is darkness, there is light. More and more people, and organizations, have risen up to speak out against these destructive activities and more, with public awareness ads.

Today, we want to share with you 60 creative public awareness ads that not only attract people’s attention, but also make them actually want to give the issues a thought, encouraging them to act and to fight against the imbalance of the world.

While we enjoy the creative power used to create these ads, let us also share the ads out in order to spread more awareness. By doing this, you can be the part of the solution. And most of them really need the extra help. Get inspired, and let’s get some work done!.

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 2

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 2

When we think of advertisements, we tend to negatively associate them with mind manipulation of the masses for... Read more

Act Fast

The longer we delay in helping children with autism, the harder they are to reach. Act fast, act today.

act fast
Anyone Can Give The Miracle Of Life

Donating your organ to save a life is equivalent to giving birth to a baby, and we all know that they are both miracles.

anyone can give the miracle of life
Before It’s Too Late

Give our Mother Earth a chance to breath.

before it's too late
Brain Corals

70% of plastic ends up in the sea, and they will never go ‘extinct’.

brain corals
Consequences Stay With You Forever

A stunning advertisement with stunning effects. Nothing is more painful than regret.

consequences stay with you forever
Cure the Victims of Domestic Tests

Don’t let your quest for beauty kill the innocent.

cure the victims of domestic tests
Deal With The Consequences

The sea will take revenge on you one day, or may be even now. It’s really just a matter of time.

deal with the consequences
Desertification Destroys 6000 Species Every Year

We are all Earthlings, but we do not enjoy the same rights.

desertification destroys 6000 species every year
Dissolvent Pollutes Millions Of Litres Of Water

It’s never too late to make a change.

dissolvent pollutes millions of litres of water

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