60 Creative Public Awareness Ads That Make You Think

Public awareness ads are powerful tools that can help to educate and inform people about important issues that affect our society. Creative public awareness ads can be particularly effective because they use innovative and engaging techniques to capture people’s attention and make them think. Whether it’s raising awareness about environmental issues, social justice causes, or health concerns, these ads can help to spark conversation and inspire action.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most creative public awareness ads that make you think. From thought-provoking visuals to catchy slogans, we’ll showcase how advertisers use various techniques to communicate their message effectively. By examining these examples, we can gain a deeper understanding of the power of public awareness ads and how they can be used to create positive change. So, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and inspiring public awareness ads out there.

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 2

Creative Public Awareness Ads, Vol. 2

When we think of advertisements, we tend to negatively associate them with mind manipulation of the masses for... Read more

Act Fast

The longer we delay in helping children with autism, the harder they are to reach. Act fast, act today.

act fast
Anyone Can Give The Miracle Of Life

Donating your organ to save a life is equivalent to giving birth to a baby, and we all know that they are both miracles.

anyone can give the miracle of life
Before It’s Too Late

Give our Mother Earth a chance to breath.

before it's too late
Brain Corals

70% of plastic ends up in the sea, and they will never go ‘extinct’.

brain corals
Consequences Stay With You Forever

A stunning advertisement with stunning effects. Nothing is more painful than regret.

consequences stay with you forever
Cure the Victims of Domestic Tests

Don’t let your quest for beauty kill the innocent.

cure the victims of domestic tests
Deal With The Consequences

The sea will take revenge on you one day, or may be even now. It’s really just a matter of time.

deal with the consequences
Desertification Destroys 6000 Species Every Year

We are all Earthlings, but we do not enjoy the same rights.

desertification destroys 6000 species every year
Dissolvent Pollutes Millions Of Litres Of Water

It’s never too late to make a change.

dissolvent pollutes millions of litres of water
Domestic Violence

How long are you going to continue watching this show? Don’t turn a deaf ear to their cries for help. Speak out against domestic violence!

domestic violence
Don’t Buy Exotic Animal Souvenirs

If you buy them, they were killed because of you.

don't buy exotic animal souvenirs
Don’t Kill Blockbusters

A funny but effective one, our blockbusters need financial support to continue their heroic life!

dont kill blockbusters
Don’t Leave Him Alone With Chernobyl

“20 years after the disaster, Chernobyl’s landscape remains as one of the barren planets. Even more damage was done to local residents, their bodies and minds alike. Please support us.”

dont leave him alone with chernobyl
Don’t Swallow Other People’s Smoke

Looks very disgusting, but this is what it looks like when you take in secondhand smoke.

don't swallow other people's smoke
Don’t Talk While He Drives

A powerful message on what could happen on the other side of the receiver, if you take his eyes off the road.

dont talk while he drives
Each Minute Counts

Undoubtedly a striking one! And it perfectly expressed the message “Each Minute Counts”.

each minute counts
For Them, Anything Can Seem A Lot

Your ‘terrible’ meal could be the best thing that ever happen to them, so help them have a great meal.

for them, anything can seem a lot
Gambling Blocks Your Social Life

I guess even cards aren’t all that innocent.

gambling blocks your social life
Give A Hand To Wildlife

A masterpiece can always attract a lot of attention.

give a hand to wildlife
Help Before It’s Too Late

The message strikes through the heart, doesn’t it? This advertisement is a jewel.

help before its too late
Help Them Fast

“The longer you live on the street, the harder it is to get off it.” Literally.

help them fast
How Does It Feel?

Now you know how it feels when you are being hunted down.

how does it feel?
Ignore Us, Ignore Human Rights

Cruel but true, speak out and help to win back what they should have: human rights.

ignore us, ignore human rights
Imagine It For A Kid

While most of us go on and on about how difficult it is for an animal to live on the street and fend for itself, let’s no forget that many children go through the same thing as well.

imagine it for a kid
It’s No Longer Your Life

“While he controls your life, it’s no longer yours.”

it's no longer your life
It’s Time To Neuter Your Dog

Subtle, suggestive and cute! Check out the cloth the dog is wearing, simply angelic!

it's time to neuter your dog
Keep The Ocean Clean

Do you want our future generations to think that this is how we take care of the place for them while we were here?

keep the ocean clean
Killed By Our Rubbish

Yes, the masked man is doing the killing but who put the weapon in his hand?

killed by our rubbish
Life is More Thrilling Than Drugs

There is more to life than drug-induced ecstacy. You deserve to experience them, drug-free.

life is more thrilling than drugs
Liked Helping Terceira Island

The evolution of the thumbs up.

liked helping terceira island
Many of Them Disappear Every Minute

15 square kilometer of rainforest disappears every minute.

many of them disappear every minute
Missing Children

The visuals are eye-catching but it was the words to the right of the tree that did it for me. If they are stil searching, there is always hope.

missing children: tree
Nobody’s Immune To Breast Cancer

When it comes to preventing breast cancer, even heroes need regular checkups.

nobody's immune to breast cancer
Not What You Seem To Be

Is it just me that this guy looks like the T-Bag from Prison Break? Nevertheless a great piece for fraud awareness!

not what you seem to be
Nutrition Fact: 0 Gram

“The only thing he should lack is hunger.”

nutrition fact: 0 gram
Oceans Aren’t The Only One In Danger

Karma remembers everything.

oceans aren't the only one in danger
Organ Donor Saves

Nothing is greater than saving the people’s life and giving them hope. Feel the gratitude on the woman’s face.

Our Water Is Thirsty

Took a creative twist to achieved the message, but I will say that this a unique advertisement!

our water is thirsty
Preserve Your World

The environment is ‘crying’ out for help and all we do is keep hurting it.

preserve your world
Rebuild The Children

Realigning our priorities with this eye-opening advertisement; even if buildings fall, we should always be there to help rebuild the children.

rebuild the children
Respect The Planet

Of course we won’t ever think of vandalize such a beautiful creature, would we?

respect the planet
See You On The Road

Simple and straightforward idea, it works for me.

see you on the road
Seek Help

Schizophrenia can actually be treated; look out for the signs (or the people) and seek help.

seek help
Spending Christmas On The Streets

That’s no Christmas gift. We can do better for them kids in the Phillipines, can’t we, people?

spending christmas on the streets
Stop The Abuse

This is what animal looks like in those abusers’ eyes. This ad is bound to break a dog-lover’s heart.

stop the abuse
The Earth Is Heating Up

Amusing or not, this advertisement drags a lot of attention!

the earth is heating up
They Also Need Your Help

People with disabilities deserve concern and coverage equivalent to those given to endangered species.

they also need your help
They Don’t Have A Childhood

You might be able to get them one.

they dont have a childhood
They Will Pick It Up

It’s not too late for you to realize that you can save an animal’s life by not throwing rubbish everywhere.

they will pick it up
We Can Help You

“Small problems may turn into big for senior citizens.”

we can help you
We Transform Sadness Into Hope

Sadness can always be transformed into hope, so don’t give up. Creative, charming, positive.

we transform sadness into hope
What Goes Around Comes Around

Delicious? No? Then stop throwing rubbish into the sea.

what goes around comes around
What They Do Happens To Us

By blending 2 images into 1, we can actually see the consequences of pollution directly. Simple but effective!

what they do happen to us
When They Speak, We Listen

What should I say? Brilliant idea, impressive art, great execution. For sure this kind of advertisement is shared more often than less creative ones.

when they speak we listen
Workers Are Not Tools

What’s the difference between a worker and a human? None, they deserve human rights too.

workers are not tools
Worst Predator Comes From Land

And this is what we humans look like in the eyes of a sea animal.

worst predator comes from land
Would You Care More If I was a Panda?

Every species on Earth should be loved equally, not just the cute ones.

would you care more if i'm panda
You Can Help

The best way to let people know the situation is to let them see the truth.

you can help
Your Body Is Your Home

For smokers, direct visuals are the best way to persuade them.

your body is your home

Disclaimer: The advertisements listed in this post are handpicked directly from Ads of the World, all the credit goes to the site and the advertisement’s respective creator(s). Our heartfelt thanks to all the creators who crafted these creative advertisements to good cause!


I was quite surprised that there are so many things that I wasn’t aware of, when it comes to what people who are living in the same world where we are are suffering through. For sure I learned a lot from these ads, and I think the best thing I have learned is to be graceful about my life. I hope you feel the same way too.

But gratefulness alone cannot save another life! So if you’re willing, share this post or share these ads out! Let everybody know about it, and together we can bring hope and salvation to those who’re experiencing difficulties. Be part of the solution, thank you.