Gadget Packaging Designs: 20 Cool & Clever Examples

Here in, we have been fans of creative packaging designs for forever. And lately, packaging designs are taking things up several notches, for instance:

In a follow-up post we have for you 20 impressive and creative electronics packaging designs for some of your favorite electronic devices: cameras, flash drives, watches, earphones, printers and more. Some designs opt for the less is more approach, while others go all out with more flashy and vibrant designs. Let’s check them out.

Runs on Duracell

Inspired by the droids and star troopers in Star Wars, this student project came up with this packaging for duracell batteries.

IMAGE: Spencer Bigum

Limited Edition Fedrigoni Leica

A beautiful packaging for a Leica camera, the Paper skin is a rebranding-by-paper showpiece that will take the "unboxing" experience to another level.

IMAGE: Geometry Global

Nooka Glue-less Custom Box

Here’s an eco-friendly packaging concept you might like. The instructions are printed on the packaging box itself which is made up of biodegradable material.

IMAGE: Nooka

SD Card Packaging

For something as small as an SD card, they always seem to come with excessively large packaging protection. This packaging lets you turn the packaging into a cute deskwork decor piece.

IMAGE: Christopher Gregory

Tok Watch (Concept)

A simple, clean cut and practical way to package and sell watches, this concept deconstructs from a compact design into a three-part storage cylinder shape.


Minion Headphones

A cute way to package headphones, this is a two-parter, an outer box and an inner wrap (the eyes) for the cables of your earphones.

IMAGE: Amparo M-Conde

Gigs 2 Go™

A clever sustainable way to sell "disposable" thumb drives, Gigs 2 Go lets you break a piece off a piece to get 1 GB of storage space to go.

IMAGE: BOLTgroup Charlotte and Kurt Rampton

Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Series

Vibrant, sharp and loud, this limited edition tribute series marks the appreciation for Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday.

IMAGE: Dunlop

Little Printer

A cheery and cute packaging attempt by Burgopak and BERG for the product, Little Printer.

IMAGE: Burgopak and BERG

AIAIAI Headphones

Cables in tubes aren’t a new packaging idea for earphones but to have these tubes all lined up nicely and neatly upon a platform, that’s something audiophiles might appreciate.


Volta Batteries

Bored with the regular black, gold and silver-colored batteries? Then spice things up a bit with these rainbow-colored alternatives.

IMAGE: ACME Industries


A CMYK packaging edition for earphones. I’m not really sure what print colors have to do with an audio instrument but considering how this is a student project, sometimes going with the flow can result in outcomes we might learn to love.

IMAGE: Erik Johansson


Half black, half white, and a dash of orange symbolizing the tie between a dark environment that is lit up in brightness – by an orange lightbulb. Clever indeed.

IMAGE: Clever Branding


Another packaging design by AIAIAI, this time with a lighter color palette and two differently shaped boxes.

IMAGE: Muggie Ramadani

Gauss energy saving lamps

One side of the box packaging shows the type of lightbulb contained inside, while the other showcases a UV-lacquered "stars in the sky" outline of the same bulb. Depicted on a black background, this is as striking as packaging designs can get.

IMAGE: Fastway


A clever packaging design that turns the ear buds and cable into notes you would normally find on a music sheet.

IMAGE: Corrine Pant

Balão Baleia Flash Drive

This packaging design takes it up several notches, just to market a flash drive. You will find an anchor key chain attached to the flash drive, a sea-themed inner box and a playful mesh of typographical fun for the outer box.

IMAGE: Bruna Paz

Finding Donut Matryoshka Dolls

This is more than just a packaging for a memory stick; it is also a promotional tool for a film called "Finding Donut". Each doll layer depicts the journey to find Donut, a dog.

IMAGE: Pereira & O’Dell

Messex Watch

A student project that adopts a twist to the phenomenon known as sexting. Here’s how it is done via smartwatches.

IMAGE: Lim ChengHui LIM, BeeChean YONG and YenQi CHIA


Grain is a student project depicting packaging for disposable/reusable cameras. Color cameras and black and white versions are differentiated by the color of the dots on the packaging.

IMAGE: Jongwon Lee
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