15 Clever Examples of Interactive Packaging Design

Our packaging choices are constantly evolving. Today however, creativity reigns more so than ever before. People crave something different, either through activity, unique statements, or humor.

This is where interactive packaging comes in. Interactive packaging is not only well designed in the visual realm but also serves a purpose such as entertainment or functionality. As the name implies, interactive packaging stands out on the shelves by establishing a “cool” factor through giving buyers something to do or an easier way to use the product.

While the practice is not currently widespread, this evolving trend is on the rise, capturing the imaginations of both designers and consumers alike. Here are some of our favorite examples:

Quirky Packaging Designs

Quirky Packaging Designs

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1. Zube Squeezable wine

For those of us that can never get enough wine, Zube designed this useful squeezable wine box which not only allows you to get every last drop, but also lets you have fun while doing it.

interactive packaging design

2. Philips Hue Lamp

This packaging truly appeals to the child in all of us. Simply spin the wheel on the side to change the color of the light bulb. Philips’ Hue Lamp packaging creatively uses interactive elements, not only to entertain, but also to effectively advertise the product within.

interactive packaging design

3. Chalk Coffee and Tea

Who doesn’t enjoy doodling? For those of us that can’t get enough of drawing pretty pictures, Delilah has created chalkboard-like coffee and tea packaging, so you can essentially put your favorite doodles on your tea packaging.

interactive packaging design

4. Plate Lunch Package

This sandwich package by ASDA exemplifies the strategic use of both interactive elements and purposeful packaging. Simply open the box and therein lies a plate aka clean surface to put your meal in.

interactive packaging design

5. Mad Libs Style Tea

Little beats the laughter and nostalgic value of mad libs. This fun verbal game has been a classic for decades. By cleverly bringing it into the realm of packaging, Mood Garden keeps the fun alive, making tea time happier than ever.

interactive packaging design

6. Wishbone Wine Label

The most exciting part of eating chicken was always breaking the wishbone. Now that simple pleasure is even greater because you can do it with wine. Wishbone’s wine label features a tab on each end so drinkers can blissfully enjoy this timeless competition.

interactive packaging design

7. Board Game Jam Packaging

Sugary cereals and candy use a lot of fun cartoony child-friendly packaging. Kissan takes it up a notch with its interactive board game packaging, which doesn’t only look fun, it also teaches children the value of healthy eatings.

interactive packaging design

8. Origami Beer Bottle

Though origami and beer don’t generally go together, this packaging certainly brings the two together in a manner that is both elegant and engaging.

interactive packaging design

9. Face Changing Coffee Cup

Connecting quirky humor with packaging is a winning combination. This take-away coffee cup, which was designed for Gawatt take-away coffee-shop, makes a bold statement wherever it goes: the faces on the cup reflect emotions.

interactive packaging design

10. Design Your Own Bag

This great interactive packaging concept designed for Kokoa Hut is all the rage. Shoppers can design any image they deem fit for their own shopping bag, making purchasing products even more enticing than it was before.

interactive packaging design

11. Corona’s Game Board Beer Packaging

Because college frat parties need more drinking games, Corona has come up with a clever board game with their beer packaging. The beer box opens up into a board game and you can use the bottle caps as game tokens.

interactive packaging design

12. Blk Water Packaging

This particular interactive packaging example goes right in line with the brand’s messaging. Drinking the black water uncovers a hidden message: “enjoy the dark side”.

interactive packaging design

13. Mask Confectionery Packaging

There are few things that can be done to make baked-goods better than they already are. However, this particular packaging is up for the challenge. To reflect the brand’s animal-centric branding, the packaging can be turned into an animal mask.

interactive packaging design

14. Wine Puzzle Packaging

People love puzzles. Therefore, placing such games on a wine package was a clever way to combine class, fun, and intellectual prowess.

interactive packaging design

15. Wine “Glasses” Packaging

It seems that the wine industry may be the leaders of the interactive packaging trend. This quirky wine package lets consumers try amusing new glasses printed on the bottle, helping to add a bit more fun and pizazz into the mix.

interactive packaging design

Wrapping Up

Interactive packaging is a fascinating new trend for package designers, manufacturers, brands and consumers alike. With such innovative packaging strategies, the brand stands out on the shelves while empowering consumers to interact with their products on a whole new level.

Developing such complex designs can be a real challenge, but the rewards certainly make it worth your while. By utilizing top-of-the-line packaging innovations, there’s no limit to your imagination and the exceptional packaging statements you create.

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