20 Smashing Examples Of Customized Printed Wedding Invitations

The wedding day is definitely one of the most important days in our lives. Everything has to be perfect — the dress, the reception, the cake, the wedding video, wedding portraits, etc. When it comes to wedding invitations though, it’s almost always "outsourced" when in fact, it can be one of the most personal and heartfelt part of the upcoming wedding.

In this post, we would like to share with you 20 amazingly designed printed wedding invitations. In the invitations below, you can see how the designers (possibly the bride and/or groom) play around with the colors, typography, wordings, and placements to add their personal touch. Be it classy, sassy, formal, or fun, you will find great examples for each here.

K+M Wedding Invitations by Keith Evans

Wedding Stationery “Image with Bogart” / Red Orange by Pan Lis

Barber Wedding Invitations by Sergey Grigoryan

Wedding Invitation by Creative Caffeine IN

Typographic Wedding Invitations by Denis Forzi

Wedding Invitation by Uğur Altun

Wedding Invite Final 2 by Zach Graham

“I Do!” Printed. by Allison Grayce

Wedding Invite by Jose Canales

Wedding Invitation by Serena Vittoria Nitti

Wedding Invitation Adriana & Carlos by Hesor

Festive Wedding Suite by Elizabeth Baddeley Design

Love City Life by Huilin Dai

Final Invite and Save the Date Printed Pieces by Karli Ingersoll

Trenna & Kyle’s Wedding Invitations! by Cambrin Loepker

Sweet Kiss: Wedding Invitation by Ramona Rizk

Letterpress Invitations by Cheryln Read

Matt & Emy’s Wedding Invitation by Anders Hanson

Southwestern Wedding Set by Nikki Clark (Hampson)

Wallace Wedding Invitations by Amy Reynolds

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