Lovely Tea Packaging Designs [Showcase]

In today’s showcase I’m going to share with you 20 creative tea package designs. These designs taking thinking "out of the box" to a higher level. No more square bags and boxes to keep tea in. These designs breathe new life into what we normally associate with tea.

Such unusual tea packages could be a great gift for tea lovers. In this collection you’ll see triangle tea bags, tea bags with illustrations that change in hot water, and even a flower design. So, scroll down and enjoy!

Tisane Therapy

IMAGE: Blooom, Valeria Santarelli, Lorenzo Piccinini

2. Imersão

IMAGE: Mariane Silvestre and Johanna Lieskow

3. Christmas Tea concept


4. The Adventurous Blends of William Whistle

IMAGE: Horse Creative Agency

5. Sweet Time


6. Lost at Sea Tea Package

IMAGE: Chris Eshnaur

7. T tea packaging

IMAGE: Maria Milagros Rodriguez Bouroncle

8. Tea Star

IMAGE: Today Was Fun

9. KjUB

IMAGE: TeYosh TeYosh

10. Pétalo – Rose Tea

IMAGE: Jimmy Kalman

11. Etos Tea

IMAGE: Millford

12. Tea Bar

IMAGE: Proud Design

13. Thompson Tea & Coffee Packaging

IMAGE: Ross Phelan

14. Prisms Tea

IMAGE: Megan Lee Earl

15. Té Quiero – Jazmín


16. Teahouse Exclusives Everyday Tea

IMAGE: Peter Schmidt Group

17. TEA packaging

IMAGE: minunache mb

18. Calm BOH Camomile Tea Bags

IMAGE: Pauline Ang for M&C Saatchi

19. Taj Mahal Tea (Student Project)

IMAGE: Gargee Thakkur

20. Fortune’s Tea Specialties

IMAGE: Julia Marquardt

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