Mastering Double-Sided Print and Cut with Cricut

I’ve dedicated a significant amount of time to trying to achiev of double-sided printing and cutting using a Cricut. Despite the abundance of online guides, consistently aligning designs perfectly on both sides during cutting remained a challenge. Therefore, I embarked on my own journey of trial and error and eventually discovered a successful method.

Why choose double-sided printing, you might wonder?

While Cricut’s print and cut feature is generally reliable, the real test comes with projects like double-sided business cards, or thank you cards, where precision in both design alignment and cutting is crucial.

In this guide, I’ll lead you through the steps to create a double-sided thank you card with designs on both sides. We’ll start by creating the design, then move on to importing it into Cricut Design Space, and finally, print and cut it with as close to perfect alignment as possible.

Setting Up Your Design

Start by launching Cricut Design Space. Select "Shapes" and insert a rectangle onto your canvas. Resize it to serve as a reference for your design’s maximum cutting size.

This step is crucial for later precision.

Creating rectangle in Cricut

I use the Cricut Maker 3, so I set my rectangle’s size to 6.53 inches in width and 10 inches in height, which is very close to the maximum cutting size.

Cricut Maker 3 size settings

After creating both the front and back designs of the thank you card in Photoshop, I first imported the front design into the canvas. Then, I duplicated it three times, resulting in a total of four designs, as shown in the screenshot below.

Duplicating front design

The Layers panel shows five items: four front designs and one backdrop for the front design.

Layers panel with designs

Next, I’ll import the thank-you card’s back design and duplicate it three times, making a total of four, just like the front’s design earlier.

Importing and duplicating back design

Then, each of them is positioned precisely over its corresponding front design. Instead of manually aligning them, use the X and Y coordinates from the front design for exact placement.

Positioning back design

Duplicate another backdrop for the back designs. Label them distinctly to avoid confusion later.

Duplicating back design

In the Layers panel, attach all four back designs and name the group “back design.”

Attaching back designs

Select the “back design” group and its backdrop, then align them to the right.

Aligning back designs to the right

This will move them horizontally while maintaining their vertical position, as shown in the screenshot below.

Back designs aligned right

Attach the “back design” group and its backdrop together, naming it “Back.”

Attaching and naming back group

Repeat a similar process for the front designs, naming the group “Front.”

Attaching front designs

The Print and Cut Process

With the setup complete, it’s time to print the thank-you card. First, hide the “Back” group , click “Make” and proceed to print the front design.

Hiding back group

Ensure to turn off “Add Bleed” and turn on “Use System Dialogue” in the printer setup.

Printer setup dialogue

After printing the front, cancel the cutting process to return to the canvas. Flip the printed sheet and reinsert it into the printer for the back design.

Canceling cut process

Back in Cricut Design Space, hide the “Front” layer, make the “Back” layer visible, and print the back design.

Hiding front layer

Once printed, place it on your Cricut cutting mat with the back design facing up. Then proceed to set the base material and let Cricut do the cutting. You should end up with perfectly aligned front and back designs after cutting.

I hope this guide enhances your crafting experience. Happy crafting!