20 Toy Packaging Designs That Are Utterly Adorable

A lot of good high-quality products put a lot of thought into their packaging. Not only do the packaging offer some form of protection to the product, the packaging also allows for interactive brand engagement. We see, feel, touch, recognize and pay attention to good-quality packaging. And that is why toy manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on their packaging designs.

In this showcase you’ll see extraordinary and adorable toy packaging designs used to sell robots, board games, cars, soft toys, puzzles and more. They come in all shapes and forms, colors and sizes – all complementing the products they protect within the packaging case itself.

1. Robot Food Christmas

A traditional nut cracker got a contemporary facelift. This robot nutcracker also has an awesome looking toy box packaging.

IMAGE: Robot Food

2. Mad About Dogs

A student project by Mathilde Solanet, Doggie Dazzle is a series of animal grooming tools and toys for dog lovers.

IMAGE: Mathilde Solanet

3. Planet O

Spacepod packaging anyone? Aliens from Pluto are attacking Earth in cute fashion – because their home got downgraded from a planet status.

IMAGE: Bryant Hodson

4. DOKAEBEE: Korean monster identity

Like to collect mini figurines and pile them across your office cubicle? You’ll like this one then. Even the packaging design for Dokaebee excudes personality and charm that rubs off on you.

IMAGE: Jahng Hyoung joon and LEE JAE JIN

5. Dinky Toys Redesign

How retro is this toy car box design? It’s reminiscent of old-time cigar boxes and matchboxes, just with a bit more color choices.

IMAGE: Pierre Lorimier

6. Wooden Lego man

Wooden Lego Man has a real cool bachelor pad, complete with wood shavings and woood-colored boxes that looks perfect on your mantlepiece.

IMAGE: Thibaut Malet

7. Tube Toys

What’s so special about this cylindrical tube? Well, it’s part of the toy. Just take the part out and assemble your toy train, truck or tractor. Cute idea!

IMAGE: Oscar Diaz

8. CHOMP – Food Chain Puzzle Books

What looks like a regular book collection actually opens up into 5 different puzzles that illustrate the food chain hierarchy and makes learning about the ecosystem fun.

IMAGE: Mirim Seo

9. Finger Puppet Toy Packaging

Finger puppets find themselves stuffed in comfy boxes that screams "look at me, then buy and keep me".

IMAGE: Shaun Bhow

10. Dress Me Up

If you like to dress up your paper toys, then this is a modern take for it. A student project by Markus Ölhafen, made for his girlfriend, perhaps this is what Markus looks like?

IMAGE: Markus Ölhafen

11. Super-Bastard Box Art Characters

Colorful and cute, these box art characters come in a box that pretty much catalogs all available versions.

IMAGE: Undoboy

12. Ridley’s The New Kaleidoscope Range

A nice range of toy packaging style that gives off that vintage and classic vibe that takes you back to the times of circuses and funfairs.

IMAGE: Dieline

13. BulToys Identity

It’s another wooden toy, this time a plane but check out that strike-me-stunning combination of colors you never knew could mix so well.

IMAGE: Boyko Taskov

14. Pacman Packaging

Imagine if Pacman had edges, and you get this cute and modern rendering of an old time arcade favorite. It’s a student project, if you can’t tell.

IMAGE: Craig Sutton

15. Embroidery Starter Kit

Even if you may not be into embroidery or holding needles anytime soon, this still looks like a stylish way to package any starter kit.

IMAGE: kirikipress

16. EBK Robots

They may be cardboard but sometimes a simple design can have a striking appeal. Plus, the robots seem to be right at home.

IMAGE: Brooke Dowd Sacco

17. Pilot & Captain Turbo Flyer

Paper planes get an upgrade to cardboard plus a smart way to keep packaging simple and light. Basically, you get to build a plane out of a piece of cardboard.

IMAGE: Matthew Tait, Dustin Summers, and Jason Kernevich

18. Cubetto Playset

The star may be this hackable cuboid robot but the packaging looks like it has a story of its own to tell.

IMAGE: Giulia Ponti

19. Kat Von D Kid Robot Packaging

A little gothic elegance comes a long way. Another student project, this packaging style hits the ball right out of the park.

IMAGE: MeiCheng Wang

20. Job Hunting Club

This is a card game for students with dysgraphia (a brain affliction that affects one’s ability to write) to find out about their future job prospects. The wooden box set, oddly shaped cards and tokens make you want to find out more, don’t they?

IMAGE: Thingsidid & Nekogato