Mobile Photography: 20 Gadgets to Take Better Photos

Photography is no longer restricted to members of the trade or professionals that make a living capturing the beautiful memories of others. Taking selfies and photos to share on social media is pretty much part of life now. This created a market for selfie tools, photography gadgets and smartphone accessories that are innovated for use with your mobile devices

In this compilation of 20 photography gadgets and accessories you can get for your smartphone you will find items like selfie sticks, attachable lenses, mounts, light source, and more.


Bevel is a simple attachment to take 3D pictures with your smartphone or tablet. Just plug this device into the headphone jack of your mobile device, and pan the surroundings for a 3D photo. The images captured can also be used to print 3D objects with a 3D printer. ($79.99 on pre-order)

Sony DSC-QX100

Sony DSC-QX100 is a smartphone-attachable lens-style camera. It’s a clever device that turns any smartphone into a professional camera. You only need to join the lens with your smartphone to take beautiful pictures. It can also be paired with your mobile over WiFi (here’s a video to show you how you can take pictures with the lens detached).

DSC-QX100 is equipped with a 1.0 type Exmor R CMOS sensor and a bright Carl Zeiss Lens that offers 3.6x optical zoom, so you can take photos with great picture quality even in low light settings. ($499.99)


Moment Lenses are some of the best lenses for mobile photography. There are two lenses: With Moment Wide, you can take wide landscape and tight interior shots with minimal distortion, while Moment Tele lens lets you zoom in twice as much as your phone can. Watch it in action here.

These lenses are simple to use: just attach the lens to your smartphone, download the Moment app, and start snapping away. ($99.99)


If you love taking selfies but don’t like using the selfie stick, then maybe Shuttr is the alternative you have been waiting for. Using a remote control device, you can trigger your smartphone’s camera app with just the press of a button. It works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. No extra app necessary.

The device itself is very light, and can be attached to your keys for easy carrying. It’s available in white and black. ($39.99)


CliqueFie is a lightweight, portable selfie stick for smartphones. The double pull tabs on this stick make it easy to attach and detach your device with one hand and ensure that your mobile is safe and secure while you enjoy taking selfies.

A Bluetooth remote (for taking clicks) and a retractable tripod stand make the CliqueFie stick more convenient for all selfie takers. It’s available in 6 different colors including white, black, blue, yellow, green and pink.($24.99)

Instax Share

Instax Share SP-1 is a portable printer that lets you print smartphone photos anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is download the Instax Share app on your mobile and send the photo via the app to the dedicated smartphone printer to print high-quality credit card size photos, all in under 16 seconds.

This printer runs on batteries, making it highly portable. It’s also easy to get the printer up and running; just insert batteries and set the film cartridge, and you are ready to go. ($179.99)


The Solocam is a selfie stick like CliqueFie, but it is also fitted with an integrated HD microphone. It allows anyone to record videos with amazing sound clarity anywhere they are, without the help of a camera crew. The device gets connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The integrated HD microphone comes with a double handle that also acts like a joystick, allowing you to manage the Solocam app remotely. You can even pan your phone 180 degrees with minimal distortion, thanks to the sturdy microphone handle. Check it out in action here. ($99.99 on pre-order)

Olympus Air A01

Olympus Air A01 is developed on an exciting concept of "Open Platform Camera", which basically involves empowering your smartphone with all the benefits of digital interchangeable camera lenses. This gives smartphones optical zoom, high-quality images, better performance, and more.

Air A01 guarantees clear and stunning photos. To get the best shots, just download the Olympus Air Central app, pair this device with your phone, and start snapping. ($299.99)

LiveAction Camera Grip

LiveAction Camera Grip is a camera grip for iPhones and iPods that allows you to instantly click and share photos. Just attach the grip to your iOS device, snap a picture or video, and share it using the LiveAction app.

The camera grip has soft and separate shutter buttons for photos and videos, making it easy to switch between the two actions. Sharing photos and videos on social media or via email is a breeze, thanks to the app’s intuitive on-screen controls. ($39.99)


Dot by kogeto is a fun lens for iPhone users to shoot interactive panoramic videos and share them online. To shoot panoramic videos, attach the lens to your phone, download Dot’s free Looker app and shoot interactive videos in 360 degrees.

The videos taken with dot can be swiped, clicked or dragged across the screen to swivel around the full 360 degree view. Alternatively, you can just switch modes to see everything at once. Once ready, you can easily share your video (called Dotspots) with friends using the Looker app. ($39)


FLIR One is a one of its kind thermal imaging camera attachment for iPhone 5 and 5s. It can’t get simpler: just snap the case on your phone and start taking infrared pictures. The FLIR ONE is essentially two cameras, one for thermal imaging and the other for physical detail; the combined photos help make sense of the problem you may be having.

You can find leaks and thermal insulation problems in pipes and wires, locate your pets, etc. You can also enjoy "watch in the dark" sessions with FLIR One. It is available for Android and iPhones. ($299.99 on pre-order)


Hitcase is a waterproof and shockproof mountable case for iPhone that’s perfect for turning your phone into an action camera. Equipped with integrated, custom three-element glass lens, this case provides your camera with a wide 170-degree angle view.

Hitcase comes with IP68 rating, which means it provides complete dust protection, and can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 10 meters. Hitcase can also withstand rough military conditions, making it perfect for adventurous photographers, who will go the extra mile for that perfect photograph. (from $79.99)

Outback Pole

Outback Pole is a selfie stick for extreme moments. This selfie stick can hold any smartphone or professional camera such as iPhones, DSLR cameras, GoPro cameras, camcorders, etc. and help you take great shots without too much straining.

With a compact design with waterproof aluminium frame, Outback Pole clutches your device firmly and protects it from accidental drops regardless of shooting situations. ($39.99)

iOgrapher Cases

iOgrapher Mobile Media Cases protects your Apple devices in any shooting environment. These are highly tough and durable due to their polycarbonate build, and has mounts to attach additional lenses, lighting, or audio gear.

These cases are available for various phone models such as iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and the iPad Mini’s, etc. These can also be attached to any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly for stable, continuous imagery. (from $59.99)

Pocket Spotlight

Pocket Spotlight is a protable, constant light source for smartphones. In contrast to the harsh lighting from the phone’s flash, Pocket Spotlight provides soft and uniform illumination that makes taking photos a pleasant experience.

This device can be connected to your phone through the headphone port and comes with a rechargeable battery. It can also be charged via USB. ($30)

Compact and foldable, this mount can then be attached to any tripod with a stainless steel screw. Its sturdy rubber grip pads hold the smartphone or tablet in place, even when inclined at an angle for taking hard-to-capture snapshots. (from $19.95)

RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount

RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount is a solid phone mount that lets you mount your smartphone on any standard tripod. It’s a versatile and secure phone holder that locks any smartphone between 2.1" and 3.1" wide (with or without its case) in place.

You no longer need to worry about your phone falling off while you take great, still photos. It comes in two sizes, and supports multiple mobile brands and models. (from $24.99)

Olloclip Active Lens

Olloclip Active Lens is a wide angle lens along with a 2x telephoto lens for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The ultra-wide lens is great for wide, panoramic shots; while the telephoto lens lets you capture magnified scenes with a 2x optical zoom.

Active Lens is compact, extremely light, has no extra fittings, and works with both the front and rear cameras. You can also switch between lenses in seconds. ($99.99)

Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0

Me-Shot Deluxe 2.0 is a selfie stick that makes selfies and group photos a breeze. It has 3 parts: the stick (Me-Shot), the holder, and a remote control. At 23 cm in length, the stick can still be extended up to 93 cm long.

The holder can be pointed at different angles and you can even rotate it up to an angle of 180 degrees over the stick. Small and compact, the remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth and lets you take shots without touching your mobile device. ($29.99)

Life-Phorm All-in-One Positioning Device

Life-Phorm is an adaptable tripod for smartphones, with joints you can bend and a strong and secure clamp that holds on to your smartphone, tablet, or professional camera device.

It "morphs" according to the device and environment, so you won’t require multiple products to fit each of your devices. ($29.99)

See anything you like from this list? Which are your favorite tools? Will you be getting any of these gadgets, tools and accessories? We’d love to know your responses via comments.

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