25 Great Photographers You Should Know (With Portfolios)

Lots of wonderful things happen around us all the time; being able to see is easy, but being able to capture that very moment is probably the hardest part. A good photo comprises of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition, and color coordination play a big role too.

Being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. This weekend, we want you to introduce you to some of the greatest photographers around the globe and their awesome portfolios.

We hope you’ll be able to get some sort of inspiration from their work. In no particular order, here 25 Great Photographers You Should Know. Full list after the jump.

Note: All photos used in this article are property of their respective photographers.

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Ciril Jazbec

“Do everything for what you dream or think that is in your strengths! There are hiding geniality, strength and magic in the courage.” – Ciril Jazbec


David Lindsey Wade

David Lindsey Wade made a few important choices during his prime teen rebellious years. Raised by a pair of artist, his way of challenging his parents (who were already a bit off the grid) was to embrace his attraction to speed and excitement through his passion for machines.


Lee Towndrow

Lee Towndrow was a designer upon starting out. Made album covers. Was moved by kissing robots to become flame artist. Built a darkroom, made bread (the kind you eat). Moved to Buenos Aires to try to grow up. Learned Spanish, loved, lost. Worked with great artists. Became a photographer.


Kalle Gustafsson

Website: http://www.kallegustafsson.com/

Kalle Gustafsson is a Swedish photographer and director who studied film in Sydney, Australia. Kale has a keen eye for form and works with both lifestyle and fashion photography.


Henrik Knudsen

Henrik Knudsen is a Danish photographer who makes brilliant use of light, mixing natural and artificial lights to create breathtaking photography and telling stories of people and their environment.


Yuri Yasuda

Born in Nagoya City, Japan, Yuri Yasuda has been working as an independent photographer for decades. Yuri has some fantastic work related to commercial, fashion, and food photography etc.


Koen Demuynck

Koen Demuynck is a photographer and a digital artist. He works mainly in advertising and uses photo manipulation to combine beautiful and weird ideas.


Dimitris Theocharis

Dimitris Theocharis is a Greek-American photographer and graphic designer. His work revolves around fine art photography, fashion photography, and advertising.


Luigi Bussolati

Starting his career as a stage photographer, Luigi Bussolati collaborates with different magazines and communication agencies and loves experimenting with artificial light, space, and landscape.


Thomas Kettner

Thomas Kettner, photographer and BFF board member from Stuttgart, Germany. His talent: beauty, hair, and fashion for women and men.


Andrew G. Hobbs

New Zealand-born photographer, arrived in London from Sydney in 1992 to pursue a career in the international portrait market which has included covers for Esquire, Rolling Stones, The Sunday Times Style, editorial for i-D etc.


Aaron Ruell Photography

Aaron Ruell loves to play with vivid settings and quirky characters. His work carries much attention to detail and wonderful work with light and composition.


Timothy Hogan

Timothy Hogan is a life photographer based in LA. He’s known throughout the field as the master of still-life images. Timothy works with different advertising agencies all through the world.


Francois-Xavier Marciat

Francois-Xavier Marciat is a multi-talented individual who works in the field of photography, graphic design, and music production and with equal brilliance.


Nicholas Samaras

Nicholas Samaras is a new underwater photographer, but he made an impressive entrance in the underwater photography area in Greece and out of his country borders.


Alex Prager

Cinematic and darkly playful The Big Valley is a series of highly saturated staged portraits by Los Angeles-based artist, Alex Prager.


Bjorn Lofterud

Bjorn Lofterud is a Swedish photographer who captures photos of buildings and architecture.


Robin Skjoldborg

Hailing from Denmark, Robin Skjoldborg is an expert at capturing human stories and portraits that are oozing with emotions.


Simon Powell

Working mainly with models, Simon is renowned for his ease of style and real approach to commissions. He is passionate about his work and brings much more to shoots than just a photograph.


Adam Von Mack

Capturing the best of human portraits and animal photographs, Adam Von Mack captures the moments that spontaneously develop between him and his models.


Zhang Jingna

Something Beautiful, a photography exhibition by Zhang Jingna


Vitor Shalom

Based on Sao Paulo, Vitor Shalom works for several magazines both nationally and internationally. He has photographed in many parts of the world and has shown the same passion and brilliance everywhere.


Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Born in Japan in 1970. After graduating from “The Technical School of Photography”, gained experience as a publishing and editing-related photographer before turning freelance in 1993.


Michael David Adams

Michael David Adams is a photographer from New York. He is a creative photographer making commercial and art photography as well as working in the film and TV industry.


Last but not least

We’ve added more to the list. If you know any good photographer with great portfolios that is worth featuring, please let us know. Have a great weekend ahead.