15 Examples of Obsessively Organized Photography [Photos]

Most people have their own preference when it comes to organizing things they own, but if you spend too much time and feel particularly happy doing it, is it because you are obsessed with the organization? Today, we are showcasing 15 photos that showcase an obsession with organizing items from food to tools among others.

They are categorized into 3 “levels of difficulty” because we like to organize stuff too. Anyways, do you like things organized like what you see below, or do you prefer to let the subject of your photography come naturally? Tell us in the comments.

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Now this breakfast is so organized, you can even count each piece of food before you take a bite


A yummy arrangement of the delicious kind

Source: David Sievers Photography

That is one highly organized food stacker this supermarket has


Tools of the trade, question is, what trade is the owner in?

A Man And His Tools

This is what a serious photographer works with

a man and his tools
Source: Urban Influence
Poppin Supply Closet

Should have known that color-coded stationery is a sight to behold.

poppin supply closet

Mama mia! That’s a lotta pasta!

Crunchy Chocolate Hazelnut

A crunchy collection but organized nonetheless

crunchy chocolate hazelnut
No.2 Ticonderoga Pencil

Be glad you don’t have to separate your pencil shavings like this before you throw them out

no.2 ticonderoga pencil
Source: Life Deconstructed
90 Shades of Toast

90 pieces of toast isn’t the kicker. The kicker is the fact that you can organize them by how burnt they are. Salute to the makers!

90 shades of toast
Kung Fu Show

This is what it looks like when 10,000 students attend one kung fu class. It was to mark China’s annual Cultural Heritage Day, and this is just mind-blowing

kung fu show
Source: Daily Mail
Torpedo Typewriter

It was a torpedo typewriter, but now it is some fine art

torpedo typewriter
VHS Tapes

A total of 375 VHS tapes were disassembled to form a sculpture that fills the corner of Midtown Atlanta’s Viewpoint building. Amazing!

375 vhs tapes
Source: Voyeur Designs
Volkswagen Golf Mk2

You know how we like to check out gadgets disassembled? Well, this one is a whole car disassembled!

volkswagen golf mk2
Source: Hans Hansen

Nothing much to see here? Think about how the artist did it