Cheatsheets Wallpapers for Web Designers and Developers

Do you work with a cheatsheet? We have an affinity for shortcuts, and on a cheatsheet we can find loads of shortcuts that will help us complete our work faster. Rather than have a cheatsheet as a side document that needs to be opened everytime we sit down to work, wouldn’t you prefer having access to your favourite shortcuts by just returning to your desktop? That is the purpose of this article. Here is a list of cheatsheet wallpapers you can plaster on your desktop for a quick-stop shortcut reference. Each cheatsheet wallpaper is self-explanatory so we’re gonna let them do their own talking.

A second benefit: wallpapers need no longer remain as part of the decor. Whether you need a cheatsheet on WordPress or Drupal, or on color and screen resolutions, we have just the thing for you on this list. Full list after the jump.

WordPress Cheatsheet Wallpaper


Photoshop Cheatsheet Wallpaper


Drupal Cheatsheet Wallpaper


Adobe Lightroom Cheatsheet Wallpaper


jQuery 1.3 Cheatsheet Wallpaper

HTML5 Cheatsheet Wallpaper

PHP Cheatsheet Wallpaper


Color Theory Cheatsheet Wallpaper


jQuery performance tips Cheatsheet Wallpaper


A Themer’s Cheatsheet Wallpaper

TextMate Cheatsheet Wallpaper

Yahoo UI Cheatsheet Wallpapers

Linux Commands Cheatsheet Wallpaper

Screen Resolutions Cheatsheet Wallpaper – When setting this wallpaper as the desktop background, choosen the “Center” option for the background, otherwise the resolutions may be stretched.

Elements of Design Cheatsheet Wallpaper – Available in white or gray background.