6 Basic Youtube Tips Everyone Should Know

Whether you want to check out some new music videos or find the latest tutorials on a subject, the first place that generally pops to mind is YouTube. However, there are some really cool YouTube tricks and features that most users don’t know about.

So, this post intends to highlight 6 basic YouTube features that’ll optimize your experience and make the platform even more enjoyable and effective for the users.

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1. Omit specific keywords in search

You can opt for specific keywords to be in the search, or out of it. Let’s say you are searching for a tutorial about ‘register domain’; using the most conventional search form you will find tons of videos about how to register a domain using Godaddy.

Now let’s think that you’re looking for some tutorials on domain registration and you want to exclude the results that show videos from GoDaddy (because you’ve already watched them or for any other reasons), you can exclude the keyword from your search results i.e. keyword -excluded keyword

And in our case, you can type in this Register domain -Godaddy

remove from results

2. Share video starting at a specific point

If you want to share a YouTube video in a way that it starts from a certain point, you can do so in a couple of simple steps.

Just pause the video at the point from where you want the other user to start watching it and right-click on the video screen. A menu will appear from which you can choose Copy video URL at the current time. The copied link will open the video starting from that specific time.

share videos at specific time

3. Auto-replay videos

There are times when you get obsessed with a YouTube video, mostly a song that you would want to listen to again and again. So instead of hitting replay every time the video ends, there is an option in YouTube that allows you to auto replay any video.

All you have to do is to right-click on the video that you want to auto replay and from the menu that appears choose Loop. Now the video will keep replaying automatically till you go to the same option and click on it again to uncheck it.

looping youtube videos

4. Play videos in HD by default

For most videos on YouTube, the video quality has been set at the lowest definition by default so they can easily run even on a low internet speed. But if you’re really confident about your internet’s efficiency, you can customize the system to always play videos in an HD format.

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For this, you need to grab the extension called Magic Actions for Youtube available only for Google Chrome and Firefox, enable the option Auto HD in the extension and select the suitable resolution for your YouTube videos. You can also set the mouse wheel to scroll up (and down) the volume of the video.

auto hd

5. More accurate video search

There are millions of videos on Youtube. So trying to find that specific Youtube video you want to watch is an adventure in itself. In this quest, you might find yourself crawling through dozens of pages hoping to find the video you actually want to watch.

If you don’t want to go through all this hassle, then simply add allintitle: before the keywords you are using to search for the video. This basically gives you only those videos that include the chosen keywords.

with and without allintitle

6. Check video playing speed

YouTube users know very well the race between the red and the grey bar that stems from slow buffering of a video that you’re watching. So to avoid the annoyance, you can always take a speed test to know if there’s a problem with the video or your own internet connection.

All you have to do is to right-click on the video and in the menu that appears choose Stats for nerds (really funny YouTube). An information box will appear in one corner of the video screen that will give you your internet’s connection speed, network activity, and buffer health.

stat for nerds

Apart from the connection speed, this information box will show you many other stats regarding the video i.e. Video ID, Frames, Optimal resolution, and Codecs, etc.

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