SuperTube – YouTube Video Pop Up Player For Android

Don’t like to be stuck inside the Youtube app while watching a video? It is the age of multitasking, of course, and if you ever thought of finding an app that allows you to watch your videos in a pop up window, then you are at the right article.

Introducing SuperTube, a unique app that’s capable of running any YouTube videos in the background. What’s more? If you prefer to have it floating, well you can do that too. Let’s check out what this app has to offer.

Play Any Video In The Background

You may start by downloading SuperTube over here. Once you have it installed, open SuperTube and you will find that the layout is pretty much similar with to the official YouTube app.

SuperTube home

Start by playing any video and then tap on your Android device home button, and you will notice that the video runs in the background in a window.

Using SuperTube

To "float" your YouTube video, simply tap on the pop up arrow button (top right) and SuperTube will bring the video out of the app in its own window. You can then move this window anywhere inside your device’s screen. You can also access other apps on your homescreen with the video playing.

Float a youtube video

This is how it will look like once it is "floating". You will notice that you can change the resolution, minimize the video to run in the background or close the video from here too.

Floating window

Pinch and swipe to change the video window size. You can also rewind, fast forward, pause or stop the video with the command buttons below.

Change window size

To change the resolution go to the drop-down menu at the top left. You can decide the rotation of the app, in Portrait or Landscape, or let it Auto Rotate (default).

Change resolution and rotation

To close the video you can go back to SuperTube or simply swipe down your Android device notification bar and then tap on the Exit button at the end of your video notification.

Close video

Overall SuperTube is a good alternative to the official Youtube app as it can run videos in the background, in pop up windows and the videos run smoothly too. Know of any apps like this? Share with us in the comments.

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