Monitor Bluetooth Gadget’s Battery Life with BatON

As useful as Bluetooth devices are, one of the biggest problems I have with them is the fact that keeping tracking of their battery levels can be rather annoying, particularly with Bluetooth headsets. If you’re not a fan of checking only the LED light to have an idea of how much longer said accessory can last, there is an Android app called BatON that tells you how much juice your accessory has left.

BatON is an app that is used to monitor the battery life of all devices that are connected to your Android device via Bluetooth. The app works by picking up data that was sent by the Bluetooth device, and from there, the app would display a traditional battery meter of the device in the app.

android bluetooth service

While the app itself is really straight forward, you do have the option to toggle the frequency in which BatON checks on the device’s battery levels. This could range from 15 minutes or 6 hours. The app can also be made to display notifications about your connected device’s battery life, allowing you to monitor your connected device’s battery life without needing to open the app itself.

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Useful thought BatON may be, it should be noted that the app isn’t able to monitor all Bluetooth-ready devices. This app will only be able to monitor Bluetooth devices that have a hands-free profile or a "GATT" profile. Devices that do not fulfill either criteria will still be shown in the app, but the battery level will noticeably be absent beside them.

The app also has the tendency for not to working properly with devices that are on older Bluetooth versions, so you should definitely keep that in mind if you own older Bluetooth devices.

Despite its drawbacks, BatON is still a great addition to your Android device, especially if you’re the type that heavily relies on Bluetooth devices.