Upgrade Your Charging Game with MagBolt Dual Connector Cable

Having both Apple and Android devices can be a pain when it comes time to charge them. As both devices come with their own set of charging ports, it can be a hassle to separate the Apple cables from the Android ones.

However, a company has an idea that could simplify the device charging experience: MagBolt. Dubbed “the world’s first Apple and Android magnetic connector,” the MagBolt is a dual-sided magnetic connector.

On one side, the MagBolt sports an Apple Lightning adapter; on the other, a USB-C adapter Android users are familiar with. By merely flipping the connector over, the port can charge devices from both camps. Also supported: fast charging and a magnetic snap-on.

The magnetic connector is complemented with its own magnetic cable. All you need to do is plug the MagBolt’s magnetic connector to your device’s port then snap in onto the connector much like how Macbook cables work.

snap charge

Additionally, the nature of the MagBolt’s magnetic connector also allows it to protect your device’s charging port from dirt, dust and water.

dirt, dust, water resistent

As of the time of writing, the MagBolt has already reached its funding target of USD12,000. The project will continue to run for the next 45 days, so anyone interested in getting one for themselves can do so by pledging to the project. Shipping starts end of November 2016.