The Lunecase: Revolutionizing iPhone Cases with Intelligent Features

First published on May 5, 2014.

We all know that our smartphones emit electromagnetic energy. But until now, no one has found a practical way to use this energy. Enter the Lunecase, a groundbreaking iPhone case that harnesses this otherwise wasted energy.

The Lunecase uses the iPhone’s electromagnetic emissions to power LED notifications on the back of the case. These LEDs alert you to incoming calls and text messages. Intrigued? Let’s dive in.

Meet the Lunecase

At first glance, the Lunecase appears to be a simple, stylish iPhone case. It’s crafted from high-quality plastic and features a rubber coating for a comfortable grip.

Lunecase with iPhone

What sets it apart is its ability to display unique icons for incoming calls and text messages using LEDs on the back.

Lunecase displaying call notification

The Lunecase team hasn’t revealed the specifics of how the case captures electromagnetic energy. However, the case doesn’t require an additional battery and doesn’t drain your iPhone’s battery, making it as slim as other cases on the market.

Lunecase displaying SMS notification

Installation is a breeze—just snap it on. The Lunecase is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, and 5c, but only works on GSM networks.

If you’re concerned about laying your iPhone face down, don’t worry. The Lunecase has a slight lip to protect your screen from touching the surface.

Close-up view of Lunecase call notification

The Lunecase has already met its funding goal. You can still pledge $39 to get one, with an extra $5 for international shipping. Production starts in July 2014, and shipping begins in August 2014. Additional colors will be available after the Kickstarter campaign.