10+ Best Screen Capture Browser Extensions

Screen capture, annotate and share is still one of the most popular ways when it comes to communicating work-related matters. It is especially through if you are working from home.

We have previously featured a list desktop tools for screen capturing. But if you are not looking to install additional apps onto your computer, how about some screen capture browser extensions instead?

Here’s a list of some of the best screen capture browser extensions available out there. Whether you use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Edge, there’s definitely a browser extension for one. Take a look, and give it a try.

1. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus is a multi-featured screen capture browser extension for Chrome. You can take screenshots of the whole page or just of any part with a single click. There are also editing and annotation features available in the tool.

Apart from screenshots, you can also use Nimbus to record your screen or webcam (or both). The recorded videos can also be trimmed and cropped right through the extension.

Nimbus Screenshot works on Google Chrome.

2. Fireshot


Fireshot for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge allows doing quick edits like adding annotations. The images can be saved as an image or a PDF, and also, you can upload or share them on the web almost instantly.

Fireshot works on Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and more.

3. Awesome screenshot

Awesome screenshot

Awesome screenshot lets you store your captures directly to its servers and share them to ask for feedback. You can add annotations, blur sensitive info, and share the images directly. This tool is used as an extension for Chrome.

Awesome screenshot works on Google Chrome.

4. FireShot

Full Web Page Screenshots

Another add-on for Firefox, Full Web Page Screenshots, lets you take screenshots and save them as images or PDFs or send them directly to the clipboard. Also, you can capture all tabs in one click and print, annotate, edit, email, and upload the images.

Full Web Page Screenshots works on Firefox.

5. Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot is yet another tool for Chrome that lets you capture and save the images as PNGs. You can capture the whole or part of the web page using this extension.

Full Page Screenshot works on Google Chrome

6. Screen Capture

Screen Capture

The Screen Capture is a Chrome browser extension that lets you capture the entire screen or only a part of it. You can edit the screenshots or save them in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format for further use.

The captured screenshots can also be copied to the clipboard so you can paste them in any app or on social media for further use.

Screen Capture works on Google Chrome.

7. NinjaCapture


NinjaCapture browser extension offers customized screen capture solutions to the users. It lets you create as many screenshots as you want and share them on any platform that you require.

The extension works with popular could storage platforms so you can easily save or share your screenshots with anyone. You can also manage the privacy of your screenshots using a PIN or password.

NinjaCapture works on Google Chrome.

8. Loom


Loom offers you the fastest way to create and share screen recordings of your Chrome browser. With just one click, you can start recording your screen, microphone, camera, and internal audit. All your screen recordings can be saved in the cloud seamless cross-platform experience.

With Loom, you can password-protect your videos, get notifications about video views, and share your videos with a simple clickable link. Additionally, there are many options to enhance your videos with frames, backgrounds, and camera effects.

Loom is available as Google Chrome, MS Edge, Opera, and Brave.

9. Lightshot


Lightshot is a simple screenshot extension for Chrome. It offers the quickest way to capture a high-quality and editable screenshot of the entire or partial screen.

You can save the screenshots in your computer, copy them to the clipboard, or share them anywhere. There’s also an option to search for similar screenshots to the one you’ve taken right in the extension.

Lightshot works on Google Chrome.

10. Clipular!


An advanced screen capture extension, Clipular lets you take a snap of any part of your screen (or the entire screen) with a single click. But, unlike other screen capture tools, it also captures the source link, made title, and text along with the screenshot.

You can drag-and-drop the screenshots to share on email or social media or paste to share the encrypted link directly after taking the screenshot. There’s also an option to annotate, organize, and search the screenshots.

Clipular! works on Google Chrome.

Bonus #1: GoFullPage


Just as the name says, GoFullPage is a Chrome extension for capturing the screenshot of the entire page without asking for permission. Unlike some screen capture tools that don’t let you capture all of the pages, this tool does it reliably.

Supported by advanced screen capture technology, the extension can easily handle complex pages (including the scrollable elements and embedded iframes on the page). You can also edit or annotate the screenshots within the extension.

GoFullPage works on Google Chrome.

Bonus #2: Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot

The Webpage Screenshot browser extension lets you take a high-quality screenshot of the whole webpage. You can take screenshots of any webpage in just one click without worrying about permissions.

The tool lets you take screenshots both vertically and horizontally depending how the content appears on the web page. You can save the captured screenshots on your computer, print them directly or share them on any platform.

Webpage Screenshot works on Google Chrome.