5 Tips to Increase Newsletter Engagement Rate

Your email list can be a significant online asset. But, the size of your list or the attractiveness of your newsletter design doesn’t guarantee success. It’s vital to nurture your leads to achieve sales or revenue goals.

Effective lead nurturing hinges on your newsletter’s ability to engage – measured by open rates and click-through rates. With increasing competition and email inboxes becoming ever more crowded, standing out and boosting engagement rates is becoming increasingly challenging.

Interested in learning how to enhance your email newsletter’s engagement rates? Here are a few practical tips that can help.

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1. Tailored Product Recommendations

Fiverr.com, the largest marketplace for small services, weekly emails its active users with gig suggestions that might catch their interest, based on their marketplace activities.

Recommended gigs on Fiverr

This approach of selecting gigs tailored to each user’s on-site behavior delivers a personalized experience to each recipient.

Consider how you can segment your customers and prospects by their behavior and interests to incorporate more personalized elements into your campaigns.

If you’re starting to explore product sales through email marketing, here are a few pointers to guide you.

Selecting the Right E-commerce Platform

The choice of an e-commerce platform is crucial. For help comparing options and selecting the one that best fits your business needs, review various e-commerce app reviews or consult a recommendation service like WebAppMeister.

Segment Your Audience

Using tools like Drip or Adobe Marketo, you can categorize your leads into specific segments based on their interactions with your site, such as website visits, form submissions, past purchases, and email activity, to send highly personalized emails to each segment.

A Marketing Sherpa study found that email personalization based on segmentation can boost email-driven revenue by 50%.

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2. Boosting Customer Retention

Understanding that most online shoppers are looking to satisfy an immediate need without necessarily seeking a long-term relationship with your brand is crucial. Thus, finding ways to re-engage those one-time customers to keep them coming back is essential.

Example of a retention email by Flippa

Take Flippa, the leading marketplace for buying and selling websites and domain names, as a prime example of successful customer retention. They re-engage customers by offering a free listing for sites not sold during their initial listing period.

3. Crafting a Sense of Urgency

When selling products online, convincing potential buyers to make a purchase is a significant hurdle. Employing a sense of urgency, or the scarcity principle, can effectively motivate customers.

Scarcity principle in an email campaign

Litmus leverages this tactic in their email campaigns by informing subscribers of the limited number of tickets available for an event, thus encouraging prompt purchases to avoid missing out.

4. Transforming Negative Experiences into Positive Impressions

Encountering negative customer actions, like cancellation of a premium subscription, unsubscribing from your email list, or requests for refunds, can be disheartening. Yet, these moments present an opportunity to leave a lasting positive impression on your brand through thoughtful email communication.

HubSpot excels in this with their unsubscribe email, crafting a message so memorable that it leaves a positive impression even as subscribers part ways.

Sidekick adopts a similar approach by sending an email to inactive users explaining that they’ve been unsubscribed but in a friendly, “no hard feelings” manner, offering a simple option to stay subscribed if they choose.

Sidekick's friendly unsubscription email

5. Boosting Average Order Value

Increasing traffic and conversion rates is a common strategy for enhancing online business revenue. However, for e-commerce stores, an equally effective method lies in boosting the average order value.

Increasing average order value

A strategic example is Fiverr, which incentivizes customers by offering a $5 discount to those who spend $15 or more. This approach not only rewards higher spending but also increases the overall revenue per transaction.


Personalization is one of the best ways to enhance the engagement rate of your email newsletters. You’ll need to measure the engagement rates for individual email newsletter campaigns and make sure you test and refine the campaigns on a regular basis.

Out of the 5 methods, which one is your favorite email newsletter example? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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