How to Boost Site Traffic by Harnessing Subscriber List

Learn how to increase your website traffic by using your subscriber list. Check out these practical tips and start seeing results!

While consumers might not have noticed it, businesses all over the world have certainly found it much more difficult to make sales through their websites than previous years. This is primarily down to the search engine algorithm updates by Google that have made it much more difficult to attract natural traffic from the search engine.

Having spent a few years in the online marketing and SEO industry, I can safely say that there’s nothing more powerful and reliable (in terms of convertible traffic) than your subscriber’s list.

If you want your traffic stats to go ballistic and your visitors to make purchases on your website, then I have a secret recipe for you to help you harness your subscribers. It works for me every time, and will certainly work for you too.

What You Need

Alright, for every great recipe you will need a list of ingredients:

1. A valuable Resource To Give Away

Yes, you need to build an awesome resource (e-book, online course etc) and give it away for free. No matter how advanced Internet marketing strategies get, some things just never change, one of which is how excited we are with free giveaways.

Ironically, the best way to create a valuable resource good enough to attract visitors is to create it with a price tag in mind. Before you even start building it, decide on a price that you would charge for it. But once you get it done, give it away for free.

The good news is your resource doesn’t need to be a complex algorithm-based application that would unveil the secrets of making money online. It can be a free email course on a particular problem in your niche or a 20-30 page e-book with lists to the best online tools and websites for your niche. It can be anything that is worth spending time on.

2. A Short Marketing Video

Next, get your presentation skills out and make a short video to market your resource. Videos engage people better than any other medium. Yes, written content can bring more conversions but it does not immediately attract attention, which is what you need in order to promote your resource.

If you’re too shy to face the camera, try using animated video marketing services or use a few attractive images with your voice in the background. Make your video short and sweet. Promote the benefits of your resource and highlight the fact that you’re giving away a premium resource in exchange for just the visitor’s email address.

3. A Brief Landing Page

Your landing page would be used to collect visitors’ email addresses. Your video marketing campaign will route visitors from different channels to this landing page. Simply collect their email addresses and send them the link to your resource.

Don’t go for very long landing pages with lots of text. Your visitors are already convinced so don’t waste anymore of their time. Just include a sign up form and a one-line message asking the visitors to enter their email addresses in return for the free resource.

4. a Facebook Ad Campaign

I am, of course, assuming that your website has a Facebook page to start with. If you don’t, it’s time to get one, because you will need to run a Facebook ad campaign. A well-designed Facebook ad campaign will add the much needed X factor to this recipe. In fact, Facebook ads are the reason why this recipe is so effective.

The fact that this ingredient has a price tag attached to it might disappoint some of you. But trust me, the losses you suffer in terms of lost customers and wasted time is much greater than running cost of a Facebook Ad campaign.

Not only is it much cheaper than other paid advertisement services, it is also extremely customizable and can be targeted to a very specific market segment. Plus, you can start from as low as $10 campaign!

The Secret Recipe

Once you’ve got all your ingredients ready, you now need to mix them up and get things ready. Here’s how the recipe goes:

1. Upload the marketing video to your Facebook page and add the URL of your landing page in the post content.

2. Set up a Facebook ad campaign using the video that you’ve made. Select the "Promote a Post" ad type for your campaign. Select your video post to promote.

3. While setting up the ad campaign, choose the most relevant region, age group and interest group for your product. (Hint: Use Facebook graph search to find people who follow your competitors.)

4. Start your campaign with a daily budget of $10. Now wait for your campaign to run.

That’s it! Once your campaign starts running, you’ll see regular sign-ups for your mailing list. If your resource has good value and your ad is targeted correctly, you should get 80-100 signups for every $10 you spend. That’s 8-10 signups for every dollar!


As I said at the start, your subscriber base is the most critical asset of your business. With this recipe, you can literally get thousands of subscribers throughout the year. Once you have the subscriber base going berserk, your returning visitor count and your sales figures will soar as well.

The reason why I recommend this strategy is its cost effectiveness and the high returns it offers as compared to other traffic sources. And trust me, getting natural traffic from Google Search and Facebook pages is only going to get more difficult over the coming months.

I’ve found this to be an extremely effective strategy of building my subscriber base and boosting my sales. I would love to hear how it goes for you.