Beautiful Email Newsletter Designs For Your Inspiration

To have your brand wildly known by the world can be done through effective advertising. Email newsletters are the example of medium to introduce or remind your client and customers of your brand. Today, simple email in text will not be as effective because there are way more attractive email newsletters being created every day.

It takes more than a pretty face to leave an impression on your customers. For example, an elegant newsletter may attract a reader to read further but if the newsletter is lack of depth, it will not send the message across and resulting failure in your campaign.

Here we bring some of the inspiring newsletter designs not only for your eyes but will also imprint an impression in your head.

Brand Talk. Newsletter reminding you how did Nike brand its name and its achievements along the way.


Thierry. An interesting campaign full of opportunities and benefits introduced via menu theme.


Winter Bottom. Introducing new game Winter Bottom which its art and style influence by Victorian era, even better, this newsletter is embedded with trailer.


Kate Spade. Simple and straight forward father’s day gift guide well sorted with price and catchy lines.

kate spade

File maker. Offering certification and also training.

file maker

eROI. Newsletter fron eROI about marketing methods that can benefit you.


Action Products. Catering new inventions, products and what makes Action Products thick.

action products

45royale. Detailed information about the all new 45royale Inc. From new official office to free iphone wallpapers giveaways


Busted Tee. Vintage doesn’t get old so does message sent across via tee.

busted tee

Harrods. Time to shop. Harrod’s newsletter about their new arrivals.


Authentic Jobs. Upgraded, packed with convenience and your get money back if you are not satisfied.

authentic jobs

Mailchimp. It says there are 3 different email templates for their service. Their wordings makes these newsletter a new level of fun.


Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co is reminding you to purchase gifts from them because they do engravings which makes a gifts much more precious.

tiffany & co

Starbucks Store. Introducing you their coffee that worth your attention this week.

starbucks store

Apple. This will solve your Valentine’s gift misery. It says love at first touch so nothing can go wrong with that.

apple's love at first touch

Scrapblog. A website which specialize in customizing pictures.


PubClub. An event newsletter from PubClub which also gives job opportunity


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