100+ Must-Know Google Services and Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Mention Google products and you’d probably think of Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube or Android but there are actually more than a hundred Google services and tools that most of us aren’t aware of or know about.

So we thought that this would be a great opportunity to look up available but less-known Google services and tools. This is what the research turned up.

Note that the list is not exhaustive and does not carry projects or services/tools that were already taken down by the time of this writing. The tools and services were also listed based on their purpose, not taking into account what effects the restructuring of Alphabet has on them.

Do let us know of any tool/service that is missing from the list in the comments section.

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For Shopping & Travel

google express
  • Google Shopping | Android | iOS – A search engine for products; product info is updated by the merchants that carry the products for sale.
  • Google Pay | Android | iOS – Send money anywhere in the US via email address or phone number. Also known as Android Pay.
  • Google Flights – A search engine for flights
  • Google News & Weather | Android – A portal for news and weather personalized by user, category and location.
  • Intersection Explorer (Android) – An exploration app for the vision-impaired. The app reads out the name of the roads.
  • ZAGAT | Android | iOS – A detailed ratings & reviews city guide as voted by locals and travelers. Applicable in 18 cities only.

Search Services

culture institute

Google is obviously more famous as a powerful search engine than all its other services but you might not know that you can search for patents from different countries (stretching all the way back a couple of centuries), trends, and even cultural treasures and collections at museums around the world. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Collaborative Tools

google keep

Online collaboration is now possible and made even more viable with plenty of online tools by Google. Whether you are a remote worker, a student, or an office worker, having access to these editing tools, spreadsheets, messaging services and other tools and services can help make the process smoother.

Business Tools

business solution

Google offers useful business tools that may help you to run your business in a better way. For instance, you can get customized email domain, find a partner for your business or if you have a striking business plan, get Google to invest and support the idea into fruition.

To know more about what Google has for your business take a look below at Google business tools:

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Ad Tools


Google provides number of powerful ad tools that may help you to advertise your business on websites worldwide, reaching a target audience that you might not have otherwise been able to reach.

Google even offers certifications to be an online advertising professional if you are keen to master online advertisement. To know more about Google’s online advertisement tools, check out the list below:

Data Insights

knowledge graph

Google helps you to analyze trends and data more deeply and with better insight in order to make decisions accordingly.

With these data tools, you can conduct consumer surveys to know their needs and requirements for a product or service, get detailed reports on traffic coming to your website, search popularity of keywords over different time periods and much more.

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Find Out What Google Knows About You With These 10 URLs

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Website Building Tools

google domains

Whether you want to get a registered website name, look for an easy way to build a website, speed up your website, make it mobile-friendly or need a fast Public DNS for better performance, all of this can be done with the help of tools listed here.

Google Web Design Tools

google developers

Google also has a number of tools a web designer can use, In its toolbox is a wide variety of tools and resources, including programming languages to help a web designer keep their designs up-to-date with the latest technologies. Here are some that can be of service.

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Map Tools

google streetview

Most of us are familiar with Google Maps only, but Google has many other Map Tools as well. These tools can help you to make your own outdoor or indoor maps for your office or building, create 360-degree views of your office or business place, get latitudes & longitudes of a given address or place and much more.

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Security Tools


If you loved Gmail’s two-step authentication, then these tools can also help protect you from digital attacks, robot spamming and other security issues.

Google Places


Explore & learn about different places, on Earth, the Moon, Mars, and up in the sky with these great Google Places tools.

Android Related

android wear

Android is more than an OS for mobile, it’s also a development platform for a variety of other smart devices.

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Google Chrome/Chromium

google chrome

We probably know Chrome as the popular browser, loved by some, but when it comes to Chrome, there are other aspects to it you might not know of. There are remote desktop services and a number of devices and services for education and businesses as well as platforms for developers and programmers to showcase their work related to Chrome.

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Google Languages

google translate

If you only know of the Google Translate tool, then you are missing out on the other Google Languages tools that are available. Apart from translation, Google makes it easy to input non-Latin languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more.

Google Image Managers

google photos

Whether you want to do professional photo editing, organize your photos more efficiently in the cloud or create 360-degree photo spheres and add 2D & 3D animations for efficient storytelling, these are the handy tools you can use.



Apart from browsing through and watching videos at YouTube on regular as well as large screens, you can now manage & monitor your YouTube channels right from your Android or iOS devices easily. If the ads annoy you, there is also a service that lets you bypass that for a fee.

Google Public Service

google one today

Google being one of the largest organizations around, are in the unique position to connect global communities around the world. With that in mind, here are three services by Google to help reconnect lost friends and family members, donate to noble causes and organizations in need as well as retrieve critical information easily in the time of disasters and crises.

  • Google Person Finder – A service to find friends and loved ones in areas hit by natural disasters.
  • Google Donations – An easy way to donate and support nonprofit causes worldwide.

Google Education


Whether it is classroom management, virtual field trips or other devices & services dedicated for teachers and students, Google provides a nice set of tools and services for education too.

  • Google for Education – A hub for training, resources, devices and tools primed for education in the 21st century.
  • Google Classroom | Android | iOS – A tool to organize classes ,distribution of assignments, feedback/grading and class peer communication.
  • Big Web Quiz for Chromecast – An ad hoc quiz "show" that can be setup with the use of a Chromecast, its mobile app and a TV.

Google Play

Although there are thousands of apps on Google Play, there are some flagship apps related to books, music, news and games too. And that’s why we have all of these Google Play store branches.

Google Products


Apart from software based tools, services and apps, Google also has a plethora of physical products, some more popular than others.

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Other Cool Tools By Google


There are a number of products, services and tools that do not fit into any specific category we discussed above so we have listed them here. Every listed item has its own functionality and purpose, do check them out.