200+ Useful Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant was first introduced in Google Allo, and it slowly replaced the old de-facto virtual assistant for Android known as Google Now. However, on the bright side, it introduces a lot more commands, features, and integrations than its predecessor. And it’s widely available as well. Sounds interesting?

Alright then, let’s check out its commands you can use to improve productivity in your daily lives. The list includes everything from checking calendar events to creating shopping, to creating a to-do list.

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Compatible Devices

Google Assistant is available for a lot many devices including phones, speakers, cars, watches, and other wearables — thanks to its merger to Google Now.

Here are the popular devices which avail integration with Google Assistant:

  • Cars: Modern cars running Android Auto or having the Android Auto app support Google Assistant. Simply say “Ok Google” or long-press the voice control button present on the steering wheel in compatible cars.
  • Mobile devices: Android and iOS devices with Android 6 Marshmallow and above or iOS version 10 and later runs Google Assistant. In Android and iOS, just touch and hold the Home button or say “Ok Google” (after saying “Hey Siri” first in iOS) if you’ve activated its voice search feature.
  • Google Pixel 3 runs Google Assistant
  • Smart devices: Google Assistant works on modern smart speakers such as Google Home, Lenovo Smart Clock, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, etc. You can just say “Ok Google” on these devices to speak to Google Assistant.
  • Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant
  • Smartwatches: Smartwatches with Android Wear OS 6.0 or later version run Google Assistant. For example, Misfit Vapor, Fossil Q series, etc. You can say “Ok Google” to activate Google Assistant on these watches.

Google Assistant Commands

Since you now know the devices running Google Assistant, let’s focus on the useful commands to get things done. I have categorized the commands under major and minor headings to help you browse them easily and quickly.

Arts and lifestyle

Famous People Facts

  • How old is [Barack Obama]?
  • Who is [Donald Trump] married to?
  • What movies did [Abraham Lincoln] play in?

Nightlife Search

  • Find [Irish pubs] near me.
  • What’s the closest [jazz club]?
Business and finance

Info about Organizations

  • Who is the [CEO of IBM]?
  • Who is the [founder of Ernst & Young]?

Politician Facts

  • What party is [Ted Cruz] in?
  • When was [Barack Obama born]?
  • What is [Ronald Reagan real name]?

Profession Facts

  • What is the [salary of a Police Officer]?
  • What are the [requirements to be Accountant]?
  • What are the [job opportunities for an Engineer]?

Stock Updates

  • What’s the [FTSE] trading at?
  • What’s [Google’s stock price]?
Education and reference

Book Author Facts

  • What was [Jane Austen famous quote]?
  • What books did [J. R. R. Tolkien write]?
  • What is [Toni Morrison’s real name]?


  • What is the [cosine of 245 degrees]?
  • What’s the [square root of 36]?
  • What is [pi times 36 squared]?


  • What does [serendipity] mean?
  • What’s the definition of [circumlocution]?

Facts about Symptoms

  • What is the ICD-9 code for [Bloating]?

Google Search

  • How tall is the [Eiffel Tower]?
  • When is [A Quiet Place] showing?
  • How [far away] is [the moon]?
  • Who invented the [stethoscope]?
  • What is the [lifespan] of a [blue whale]?
  • What is the [speed] of a [greyhound]?

Info about Diseases

  • What is the treatment for [Kidney failure]?
  • What medications are used to [treat Cancer]?
  • What are the [symptoms of Diabetes]?
  • What kind of doctor treats [Alzheimer’s disease]?

Spell Check

  • Spell [conscience].


  • [“Thank you”] in [Hindi].
  • Translate [“airport”] to [French].
  • What’s [“Good morning”] in [Italian]?

Unit Conversions

  • How many [miles] is a [5k]?
  • How many [ounces] in a [pound]?
  • How many [yen] to the [dollar]?
  • How many [pounds] in a [kilogram]?
Food and drinks

Coffee Finder

  • Find [espresso bars] near me.

Info about Food

  • How many [calories] in [Coffee]?
  • What is the [nutritional value] of [Pizza]?
  • How much [sugar] is in [Chicken meat]?


  • Find [dinner] recipes.
  • Find [broccoli] recipes.

Restaurant Recommendations

  • I’m hungry.
  • Find a [pizzeria].
  • Any [Italian] restaurants nearby?
Games, fun and tricks

Chat with your Assistant

  • How was your day [yesterday]?
  • Play [white noise] sounds.
  • What kind of [assistant] are you?
  • What makes you [upset]?
  • What are your [hopes and dreams]?

Fun Tricks

  • Tell me a [poem].
  • Play change my voice.
  • Sing a children’s song.
  • Play a [romantic] song.
  • Give me a [random] number.
Health and fitness

Google Fit

  • Start a [bike ride].
  • What’s my [heart rate]?
  • How many [steps] have I taken?

Nutrition Facts

  • Is [porridge] gluten free?
  • How much [vitamin C] is in [an orange]?
  • How many [calories] in [100 grams of chicken]?

Donations on Assistant

  • Donate [$100] to Charity.
  • Make a Donation.

Gas Stations Finder

  • What’s the closest gas station?

Google Maps

  • Navigate to [work].
  • Get transit directions to [Safeway].
  • Navigate to the nearest [coffee shop].

Places Nearby

  • Any [parking lots] nearby?
  • What’s the closest [pharmacy]?
Movies, photos and TV


  • Take a [picture].
  • Open [portrait] mode.
  • Take a [selfie] in [3 seconds].

Google Photos

  • Show me my photos of [landscapes].
  • Show me [my pictures].

Info about TV actors

  • How tall is [Winona Ryder]?
  • Who is [Emilia Clarke’s] father?
  • When was [Sofía Vergara] born?

Movie and Showtimes

  • What are some [thriller] movies?
  • What movies are playing?


  • Play [movie trailers].
  • Play [Ariana Grande] videos on my TV.
  • Play [Rolling in the Deep] video on my TV.
  • Play an [inspirational] video.
  • Play [how to make cupcakes] videos on my TV.
Music and audio

Facts about Musicians

  • What is [Beyoncé’s background]?
  • What is [Eminem’s] real name?
  • How [many albums] does [Jay Z] have?

Google Play Books

  • Read my book.
  • Play my audiobook.

Google Podcasts

  • Recommend a podcast.
  • Play the [latest] episode of [Invisibilia].

Sound Search

  • What song is playing?
News and magazines


  • What’s in the news?
  • What’s the news from [Fox News]?
  • What’s the [latest world] news?

News by Topic

  • Tell me [cryptocurrency news].
  • What’s the latest on [NBA Sports]?

Bedtime Routine

  • Good night.
  • Start Bedtime Routine.


  • Pair Bluetooth.
  • Disconnect from Bluetooth.


  • Countdown [5 minutes].
  • What are my [timers]?
  • Set a timer for [10 mins].
  • Set a [music] alarm at [8am].
  • Set an [8am alarm] called [wakeup].
  • Wake me up in [20 minutes].
  • Set an alarm for weekdays at [6pm].
  • Set a timer for [30 minutes].

Find my phone

  • Find my phone.
  • Ring my phone.

Good Morning Routine

  • Good morning.
  • Tell me about my day.

Google Calendar

  • Create an event.
  • What’s on my calendar?
  • What’s on my agenda [tomorrow]?
  • Where is my [first] meeting on [Monday]?

Google Pay

  • Send money.
  • Request [$15] from Bill for [Pizza].
  • Send [$20] to Bill for [dinner last night].

Google Subscriptions

  • Tell me [a joke] every [day].
  • Send me [a fun fact] every [night].
  • Send me [the weather] every [morning].

Memory Aid

  • Remember [my mom’s name] is [Sally].
  • What’s [my favorite sports team]?

Notes and Lists

  • Show me [my notes].
  • Create a list called [party].
  • Show me [my party list].
  • Add [cake] to [my party list].

Open apps and websites

  • Open [Wikipedia].


  • Show my reminders.
  • Remind me to [take out the trash].
  • Remind me to [buy milk] at [5:30pm].


  • Take a screenshot.

Shopping List

  • Add [balloons and soap] to my shopping list.
  • What’s on my shopping list?

Store Finder

  • What’s the closest [shopping centers]?
  • What’s the closest [grocery store]?
Smart home


  • Turn [on] my TV.
  • Pause on my TV.
  • Play [country music] on my TV.
  • Play [Google Play Music] on my TV.
  • What song is playing on my TV?

Philips Hue

  • Turn [on] the lights.
  • Turn [off] the lights in the [kids bedroom].
  • Are the lights [on] in the [dining room]?

Facts about Sports

  • Who invented [Baseball]?
  • What year was [Lacrosse] invented?

Info about Sports Leagues

  • What teams are in the [Premier League]?
  • Who is the [NFL’s champion]?
  • When was [La Liga] founded?
  • Who is the founder of [UEFA Champions League]?

Sports Facts

  • Tell me sports news.
  • Who won the [Pacers game]?
  • When are the [Stanley Cup] playoffs?
  • What is the [Real Madrid] roster?
  • What’s the news about the [NFL]?
  • When does [Manchester United] play?
  • Who is [India] playing in [cricket]?
  • How are the [Indianapolis Colts] doing?
Travel and transports

Facts about Cities

  • What [colleges] are in [Boston]?
  • What is the [area code] for [Denver]?

Flights and Hotels

  • Flights to [Vegas].
  • Is [United flight 16] delayed?
  • When does [United flight 930] arrive?
  • Hotels in [Vegas].
  • How much are flights to [New York] in [2 months]?

Info about Travel Destinations

  • What time zone is [Paris] in?
  • What to see in [New York City]?
  • What is the [population] of [Rome]?

Interpreter Mode

  • Help me speak [Japanese].
  • Turn on interpreter mode.
  • Interpret from [English] to [Japanese].
  • Will it rain [tomorrow]?
  • What’s the [temperature]?
  • Will it be [cloudy] on [Monday]?
  • What’s the weather in [Bora bora]?
  • Recent earthquake in the [US].
  • When is [sunset] in [Tokyo]?